[Dream Hospital]

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[Dream Hospital] is a short film from ca. 1950s. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Scenes at the brand-new, $2 million Kaiser Hospital (somewhere in California, location not specified)

Pan up from rendering of new Kaiser Foundation Hospital up to face of industrialist Henry Kaiser VS modern hospital equipment Man being tilted back in whole-body fluoroscope (good) Man rotating huge light in operating room Nurse informs expectant father in waiting room Pan down to ashtray filled with cigarette butts Mother postpartum in bed baby in bassinet delivered into her room through passageway in wall; she picks up baby

Mother in bed wheeled outside into courtyard with pool

[Dream Hospital]
Produced byUniversal-International Newsreel
Universal-International Newsreel
Distributed byUniversal-International Newsreel
Release date
ca. 1950s
Running time
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