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ESS is a short film from 1965 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Produced byPelican
Distributed byPelican
Release date
Running time
3 reels
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Shot List

Title refers to: Electronic Switching System.

Great footage of 1960s technological breakthroughs with silicon semiconductors; early microscopic manufacturing; great early Silicon Valley solid-state manufacturing technology breakthroughs, and early nanotechnology. Great footage high tech electronics assembly; silicon crystals, transistors, circuitry, early computer-industry related technology.

20:01:21:20 CU blinking orange-red light, camera pans down machine control panel, disembodied finger presses red switch. Great

20:01:32:14 VS BW stock footage of women and men in 1930s working in factory manufacturing telephone parts.

20:02:51:25 Pan down row of 1960s women looking into microscopes assembling telephone parts; CU pin of precision device used to produce tiny part; woman sticks arms into gloves extending into controlled vacuum chamber glass chamber, camera pans out to show various women working on similar tasks down row; women with drill in pieces on large board of electronics, camera pans over women with drills working on electronics switching system.

20:04:29:20 Pan down wall of ESS electronic telephone service electronics and electronic magnetized memory banks; animated diagram shows how ESS works superimposed over wall of magnetized memory card bank.

20:06:43:21 Zoom in on stored program control unit; memory unit Twistor module moves down conveyor line, male and female workers use microscopes and magnifying glasses to look at memory unit; CU machine producing special Twistor wire; VS long thing metal Twistor wires move along machine passing through mylar polyethylene belts, man inspects machine producing thin strands of wire; great shot through microscope of tine wires passing through machine; VS workers doing precision assembly and inspection with magnifying glasses and microscopes; CU disembodied fingers wind wire around metal pins.

20:10:32:21 Great shot machine dropping tiny metal reeds into racks progressed forward on conveyor line. 20:11:44:20 High-angle shot male and female workers inspecting large mechanical rings slowly click forward one unit at a time in circle.

20:11:59:24 CU quick pan from one pressure dial at 10 to another reading 15 the dropping to 0, to two more which drop to 0. CU automated machine doing precision assembly. CU disembodied hand inserts tin pins into numbered slots.

20:12:34:09 CU worker examines ferried switches under microscope.

20:13:04:16 Spinning molten furnace producing silicon crystals; camera zooms on man removing silicon crystal from machine; CU circular slices of silicon in tray carefully carried in gloved hands; man wearing 1960s style eyeglasses inserts tray of silicon slices into oven; man inserts boron and phosphorous on tray into silicon oven through glass tube; CU man treating silicon slice by inserting hands into gloves to work in controlled environment.

20:15:02:07 Camera pans out from electronic box with blink yellow light room of women at work looking through hi-tech microscopes and assembly solid state components. VS women in laboratory producing through microscopes semiconductor components; CU disembodied hand holding tweezers puts tiny black pieces on small round transistors pushed down assembly line by mechanical arm; tiny gold wire leads are attached to transistors.

20:17:25:12 Woman testing semiconductors using electronic monitor; VS women assembling circuit boards; machine rapidly shakes board of ESS coils. Extreme CU precision wiring; high angle room full female of engineers in white lab coats assembling electronic parts at individual work stations.

20:20:11:04 Large spool of punched tape for computer system.

20:20:40:05 CU disembodied hand holding drill drills in wire and patches it to other part of switch board; pan down rows and rows of men working on huge banks of wiring of ESS switchboard. Great shots of early metal film production using photo emulsion process; Nikon shadowgraph is used to check resistor pattern; CU resistor pattern on shadowgraph.

20:23:34:19 Great shot CU metal piece soldered onto resistor; CU hand in latex gloves presses large red button beside tine resistor pieces.

20:24:52:02 CU precision mission doing microscopic wiring circuit.

20:25:13:15 CU molten furnace producing silicon crystal.