Eskimos - Winter in Western Alaska

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Potentially Harmful Content
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Eskimos - Winter in Western Alaska is a short film from 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Typical activities of Alaskan Eskimo life throughout a long winter. Depicts the Eskimo's dependence upon fish as a food supply and illustrates methods of obtaining fish. Portrays food, clothing, and household activities and shows methods of keeping warm. Reveals dangers incident to a seal hunt and ends with an authentic Eskimo dance.

Eskimos - Winter in Western Alaska
Produced byMachetanz (Frederick and Sara)
Machetanz (Frederick and Sara)
Distributed byMachetanz (Frederick and Sara)
Release date
Running time
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02:08:52 Eskimo man going out alone in canoe on icy water