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Flying Businessman is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

VS night shots of airline neon signs at airport (Western Airlines)

VS people at airport counter, clerk VS flight attendants and passengers inside airplane (good) People receiving service, passengers talking, etc. 2 businessmen talking in adjoining seats Businessman-types disembarking from plane down stairway VS air taxi service VS Air Taxi service signs VS U-Drive and Rent-a-Car signs VS People being picked up by airport courtesy cars Businessman getting into courtesy car VS courtesy cars driving Men entering St. Louis Post-Dispatch plane Secretary transcribing on plane CU executive dictating on plane CU pencil pointing out details on blueprint of corporate plane CU woman applying lipstick in mirror on corporate plane CU executive taking off glasses thoughtfully while riding on plane CU executive talking on air to ground phone, handing papers to subordinate Executive adjusting air flow Man washing face in bathroom VS executives on rural airstrips Sheep rancher forcing sheep into trailer VS various kinds of businessmen who might own planes, some shown with planes (good); narrator explains who they are Flight student / lesson / instruction sequence Businessmen inspecting plane (pre-purchase or pre-flight lesson) VS instructor and businessman engaged in flight instruction CU hand checking instruments on Cessna (CU Cessna wheel in front of frame) CU brown shoes with holes in them depressing pedals VS flight instruction, seen from inside and outside the aircraft Student and instructor sitting in caf , served by waitress Instructor watching student Aerocar sequence (good!) (futuristic family or small-business airplane meant for personal transportation)

last few minutes not fully logged

Flying Businessman
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