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Garden Wise is a short film from ca. 1950s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

About the benefits of fertilizing and putting chemicals made by the

Monsanto Company on your lawn and garden. Very colorful film containing OUTSTANDING shots of Time Lapse flowers blooming; these appear sporadically throughout the film. Good shots include: a glum / moody blond woman looking out from a picture window as rain is pouring down outside; young couple gardening in their front yard, and spreading fertilizer on the lawn; and beautiful "Spring" images of women (young and old) with flower bouquets, while standing outside on lush, green lawns.

01:02:07:08 VS time-lapse photography of various varieties of flowers blooming: tulips, iris.

01:02:34:03 1950s young woman looking out glass window, rain pouring down outside and on glass in front of her.

01:02:41:05 CU time-lapse photography flowers blooming, new leaves opening up.

01:03:13:04 1950s young married couple walk outside into back yard to do gardening, man holding garden tools; CU man and woman putting on leather gardening gloves; CU garden shovel breaks soil; CU disembodied hands in gardening gloves break up clump of soil; young couple walks over to neighbors, an elderly couple leaning up against fence.

01:06:35:29 Woman watches her husband in brown shirt and pants dig a hole in their backyard; CU man digging hole with shovel; woman in backyard gardening, woman opens seed packet and pours seeds into soil.

01:11:01:15 CU dry soil, time-lapse photography of soil cracking.

01:12:26:24 Old man grabs container to show young man; CU container held in disembodied hands of Monsanto produced Krilium Soil Conditioner petroleum soil; elderly man spreads Monsanto Krilium soil condition into his garden; CU disembodied hand spreads white powder into soil; cartoon illustrates how soil conditioner works.

01:15:29:07 CU two disembodied hands cupping soil, water is pour over each handful of soil, one handful becomes muddy while the other maintains good soil structure.

01:15:57:12 Elderly man opens up can of Monsanto Krilium soil conditioner, and removes pamphlet from white powder and hands it to young couple to look at.

01:16:36:27 Woman spreads white powder, Krilium soil conditioner over soil marked off with ride tape, husband leaning on shovel watches wife; man with pitchfork digs up soil covered in layer of white powder; man standing beside wife waters soil healthy looking soil.

01:18:58:00 CU faces of 1950s husband and wife looking down at soil, camera follows their gaze to dry cracked soil, dissolves to man using rotary tiller to till soil; VS young couple gardening and planting grass seed on soil; CU water roller pushed by man flattens soil.

01:20:10:10 CU disembodied woman s hand pours contained of Monsanto Krilium soil conditioner into metal bucket, white smoke floats out of bucket; MS woman picks up bucket of Krilium; CU woman spreading white Krilium powder of the soil; high-angle shot of man and woman covering soil of front yard with layer of Krilium powder, spreading the Krilium by hand from metal pale; man watering the soil.

01:21:39:28 CU man digging hole in soil on side of house with shovel; elderly man watches younger man dig; man sits down beside pile of dirt, woman enters frame; man pours two cups of white powder Krilium soil conditioner into pile of dirt; disembodied hands mix the Krilium into the soil; man plants shrub hole, woman enters frame with hose and waters the shrub.

01:23:32:28 CU disembodied man s hand holds contained of Monsanto s Krilium soil condition; CU man pours white powder from contained onto soil in middle of shed; man and woman mix soil together, CU man shoots romantic gaze at wife as she mixes Krilium into the soil making connection between fertility of soil and woman s fertility; CU disembodied man s than woman s plant seeds into planter; man waters planter.

01:24:29:28 VS time-lapse photography of blooming flowers, various varieties.

Garden Wise
Produced byMPO Productions
MPO Productions
Distributed byMPO Productions
Release date
ca. 1950s
Running time
2 reels
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