Good Health Practices (Part 1)

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Good Health Practices (Part 1) is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Judy and Jim enjoy everyday living because they keep healthy. Includes good health practices related to eating, going to the toilet, cleanliness, rest, and sleep. Compares an engine's use of fuel with the body's use of fuel.

brother and sister play; sled in snow; play in water along beach; do laundry; together; car gets gasoline; girl doing homework; food groups; CU fan belt; CU car tailpipe; Medium shot: toilet bowl; CU flushing toilet; washing hands; boy and girl eat food; "Eat slowly and chew thoroughly." "Fruit helps you to follow good toilet practices." "There is always waste to get rid of when your engine uses the food you eat for fuel. Good toilet practices means getting rid of the waste at the right times in the right ways." "Jim and Judy to the toilet after breakfast each morning and before going to bed each night. You should follow the practice of going at regular times like this. But of course, you should go at other times too. Always go to the toilet when you feel like going. Don't be bashful or silly about toilet habits. Remember an engine can't run when the exhaust is stopped up." filling a bathtub; brushing hair; child's arm comes out from behind shower curtain reaching for washcloth; boy washing hair; little boy gets his body carefully inspected by mother for cleanliness; child's hands full of mud; child stands on her head; playing with beach ball; teeth brushing; going to bed; sister kisses brother good night

1950s children demonstrating good hygiene and eating habits.

07:53:29:15 Boy wearing eyeglasses play with toy car on kitchen counter beside sister doing dishes; CU toy car pushed along counter top cuts to real car pulling into gas station; CU pump inserted into gas tank.

07:54:08:11 Brother and sister in bathing suits run into ocean holding hands, backs facing camera.

07:54:14:21 Preteen girl at desk focused on homework reading in book and taking notes, looks up from book, puts hand on cheek in thoughtful pose, then begins to write.

07:54:24:09 VS compositions of different food groups on cutting table: peas, carrots, potatoes, lettuce; milk, fish, meat, eggs, cheese, buttered toast; fruit.

07:54:41:00 Boy about ten years old wearing glasses and Western style shirt smiles as he receives plate of food, CU boy s dinner on table with glass of milk. VS boy and older sister eating dinner; CU boy clearing his plate, camera pans to girls clearing her plate. Girl brings bowl of fruit to table, children eat fruit.

07:56:00:21 Boy walks into bathroom, closes door behind him. CU boy shuts lid of toilet and flushes. CU boy washing hands in sink.

07:57:16:04 CU girl in shower cap washes face in shower with wash cloth; girl combs hair in mirror; girl wearing a dress with bows on shoulders puts bow in hair and looks at herself in the mirror.

07:57:34:11 Disembodied child s arm reaches out from behind shower curtain for wash cloth; MS boy in shower washing with wash cloth; CU boy washing hair in shower; boy dressed, brushes hair in mirror; boy enters kitchen, mother inspects boy in front of the oven, checks behind boys ears; CU mother s hands inspecting boy s hands.

07:58:30:25 CU disembodied child s hand flushes toilet; CU child washing hands in sink; girl about twelve wearing an apron washes hands in kitchen sink; CU girl washes hands with bar of soap in sink beside bowl of tomatoes and carrots.

07:59:46:28 CU toy car in disembodied boy s hand; boy winds toy car.

08:01:03:08 CU boy washes hands with soap in sink; CU boy scraps face with washcloth; CU boy brushes teeth; CU boy puts on eye glasses; boy in pajamas takes off eyeglasses and places them on nightstand and hops into bed, older sister kisses boy goodnight.

Good Health Practices (Part 1)
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Avis Films
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