Gospel Dynamics

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Gospel Dynamics is a short film from ca. 1940s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Cartoon. very simple BW animation.

Gospel Dynamics
Produced byBaptista (C.O.) Films
Animation byanimator
Baptista (C.O.) Films
Distributed byBaptista (C.O.) Films
Release date
ca. 1940s
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Shot List

13:50:04:28 Cartoon: cartoon of dynamite lowers into frame, opens, and sticks of dynamite spell word Gospel

13:53:34:08 Beginning with only a heart, gradually a cartoon man is drawn holding a beer and a cigarette. Audio track Beer, sin's powerful curse. The cigarette even worse. These things we cannot overlook. To us they may seem alright, but not so in God's sight.

13:56:05:13 Large black silhouette of heart; white hole is erased into heart; cartoon stick of dynamite is inserted into slot, word Gospel appears on dynamite; heart explodes.