Greater Goal: Human Dividends from American Industry, The

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Greater Goal: Human Dividends from American Industry, The is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

The Greater Goal pulls out all the stops and repeats the extravagant view of business to which we, as seasoned ephemeral film spectators, have become well accustomed. It presents the Southern textile industry as a hotbed of enlightened industrial progress, concerned as much with the welfare of the worker as the prosperity of the company.

13:31:55:03 CU white, red and black thread on automatic loom; VS mechanical loom weaving textiles; high-angle loom weaving black and red plaid pattern textile.

13:32:19:24 CU plaid pattern material; VS woman sitting on floor laying cutting material to make a dress, woman at table sewing on sewing machine, little girl sews by hand, her doll in the floor beneath her.

13:32:54:25 CU finger with cut, disembodied hand wraps finger in band-aid.

13:33:04:23 High-angle of attractive young man wearing 1940s to 1950s style bathing suit, aviator sunglasses, and red lipstick modeling on beach towel, woman lies on her back.

13:33:14:17 CU disembodied feet of man in brown leather dress shoes walking down steps.

13:33:31:13 CU piano hammers hitting strings inside piano as piano is played.

13:33:35:20 Boy in striped t-shirt waters the lawn; CU disembodied boy s hand holds hose.

13:33:40:09 Boxes of Maxwell House Coffee move down ramp on conveyor belt.

13:33:44:11 CU typewriter ribbon types out words Education in Textiles on white page.

13:33:48:16 Army soldier in uniform wearing helmet hold s up red parachute blowing in wind.

13:34:03:29 Old army officer shows two other army officers equipment beneath stenciled sign Equipage. Officer; man shows canvas bag, and backpack.

13:34:19:26 Clothed mannequin in display for Cold Climate Clothing; woman demonstrates the features of the cold climate army clothes. 13:34:59:00 VS CU different fabrics: red velvet, canvas, grey satin, industrial belting material, printed and woven designs, thick soft blanket, gossamer thing curtain material with disembodied hand underneath it, plaid.

13:35:26:07 VS workers leaving textile factories. Aerial of textile factory with large smokestacks, VS textile mills.

13:36:41:28 US Capitol Building.

13:36:48:15 Tractor drives on farm land toward camera planting seeds.

13:36:55:11 Oil refinery; men working in factory; CU disembodied hands attend to machine pouring oil on spinning cylindrical metal part.

13:37:14:04 CU Welcome sign draped over American flag; people entering building between Welcome flag; VS people touring textile mill.

13:37:43:06 Cotton arrives at textile mill; huge heaps of cotton stacked outside of Southern Pacific railroad car; African-American men moving cotton on dollies; VS raw cotton wound into blankets, machine called a picker cleans cotton; CU hand grazes fine wire brush of carding machine to clean cotton. Machine winds cotton into finger-thick rope fiber. Fibers combined to make a lap roll; drawing and roping processes; long row of spindles rapidly winding cotton fiber, woman attends to machine; final spinning and spooling machine processes. Pa over hundreds of pink colored spools. Woman arranges various colored bobbin; woman loads bobbins onto rotary battery. Rayon being woven on loom. VS CU loom producing textiles. VS Jacquard loom and its pattern cards, works similar to antique computer punch cards.

13:42:15:26 Woman examines thing cloth, endless stream of gossamer thin cloth are wound onto large spools. Cloth is bleached, rope bleaching process.

13:42:56:16 VS continuous vat dying process, producing red and yellow fabric.

13:43:13:25 Cu man setting copper roller of machine printer; CU printer printing patter on fabric. VS printed fabrics.

13:35:28:29 Aerial of textile town with huge textile mill in center of frame.

13:45:50:20 Cannon textile Mill; CU sign for First National Bank and Trust Company; CU two sets of disembodied hands make bank transaction with silver coins and bank book, money is passed beneath bank tellers protective bars.

13:46:00:11 Couple windowshop in store window with Television sets and washing machine. Car salesman opens door of car in lot for man, car is priced at $995.

13:46:16:07 CU disembodied hand presses buttons on antique cash register; disembodied hand closes cash register drawer.

13:46:22:19 CU man cutting 2x4 with saw. VS suburban homes in textile towns.

13:46:46:13 Textile mill.

13:47:21:19 VS BBQ at textile mile company picnic; country band performs for large crowd of mill workers; great shot of couples dancing.

13:48:08:05 Man giving swim lesson in lake calls forward long row of boys with kickboards. Men, women and kids swimming and playing pool; group of girls wearing dresses on the jungle gym; two shirtless men in jeans playing tennis with wooden racquets; man in team uniform batting left-handed hits ball and runs to first base and slides into second; marching band led by baton throwers march toward camera.

13:48:41:19 Pan up from man fishing in river to textile mill producing black cloud of smoke from its smokestack.

13:48:57:07 VS old YMCA building.

13:49:05:02 LS swarm of kids run into red brick school house.

13:49:16:12 Great shot CU tractor drives across frame revealing LS newly erected hospital.

13:49:27:06 Pan over row of newborn babies in cribs.

13:49:39:21 Pan over sign on brick building for Carolina Vocational Textile School, VS of school building; CU word Textile chiseled into stone on brick building; CU Textile Building stenciled in steps ; pan down Lowell Textile Institute building, older man wearing a suit shows young men in t-shirts the loom at work.

13:50:37:09 VS men fixing loom; man inspects running loom; CU spools of cotton thread feeding loom.

13:51:34:16 Long row of women at sewing machines.

13:52:14:09 CU man inspects boiling liquid in spherical glass flask.

13:52:20:09 CU woman puts yellow fabric between clamps; CU taught fabric eventually tears in center.

13:52:35:28 CU disembodied hand pours soda from coke bottle onto two different pieces of plaid cloth, one piece absorbs the soda, the other is waterproof. CU suit on hanger with wrinkles, wrinkles disappear.

13:53:27:07 CU man s face looking off into distance with look of satisfaction.

13:53:33:11 LS long row of houses in mill tow with huge textile mill smokestacks and water tower off in distance towering above the town.

13:53:49:26 Aerial of textile mill town.

13:53:59:00 High-angle of New York highway in 1950s heading toward New York City, Manhattan skyline in background.

13:54:07:28 Large steamship the Caronia.

13:55:11:29 Boy with father shows him his toy helicopter; CU father watching his son off in the distance with content look on face.

Greater Goal: Human Dividends from American Industry, The
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Louft (Louis L.)
Distributed byLouft (Louis L.)
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