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Hall Of Wonders is a short film from 1953 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.


Progress of Chevrolet from 1910s to 1950s in photo montage. Reenactment of 1910s Chevrolet on the highway. 1953 Chevrolet with automatic tilt-down convertible top (retractable). Introduces Corvette Automobile: the earliest footage of 1953 Corvette, excellent beauty shots of Corvette. Convertible.

00:02 Curtains, announcer (Dave Garroway) walks across stage, pulls curtains to reveal stage set of: 00:18 Woman pumping water at sink (recreation) into pot. 00:25 Man fills glass from modern tap. 00:29 Man beats rug on fake clothesline 00:30 Woman running vacuum 00:35 Man with fake horse and cart 01:48 CU woman's hand in glove turns ignition key in automobile dashboard. 02:00 Man driving Model-T Ford (good shot). 02:20 Fifties car in bathtub test 02:25 Woman in car automatically raises convertible roof in driveway of suburban house (very nice shot). 02:40 Announcer demonstrates model of standard transmission shift. 02:50 CU 2 men at restaurant table. One sticks a pencil into an eraser and uses it as a propeller in his water glass. 05:40 Announcer behind soap-box racer on showroom display table. 06:00 Beautiful convertible white sports car in front of park with trees and what appears to be a planetarium with small lake (very pretty shot). 06:20 CU front of white convertible sports car. Overhead shot. Rear shot. CU bucket seats, CU engine, CU floor stick-shift, CU dashboard. 07:20 Woman and man get into white sports car and drive off. Running shots of same through upscale suburban neighborhood, lakes, trees, parks. great running car shots. Various angles. They pass other cars.


Hall Of Wonders
Produced byHandy (Jam) Organization
Handy (Jam) Organization
Distributed byHandy (Jam) Organization
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