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Halloween Party is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

18:35:37:07 Shot looking into living room of house from outside, disembodied arm enters frame and knocks on window, dog stands by window, mother inside helping children with their Halloween costumes; camera pans over to father coming through front door with pumpkins and straw.

18:36:33:05 CU boy wearing brown paper bag mask creeps up on family dug; CU dog growls; father spreads out newspaper over coffee table and carves pumpkin; CU disembodied hand holding knife carves face out of pumpkin; CU father with moustache says sad then laughs, CU cute little girl with bangs and hands on check says sorry then smiles, CU red-head freckled boy says spooky and laughs; father places pumpkin in window, signals lights to be turned off, turns pumpkin toward camera outside of house, jack-o-lantern glows on window sill inside house; dog growls at the Jack-o-lantern, family laughs together.

18:39:45:22 VS mother makes boy s costume, turns boy into lady scarecrow ; CU mother puts lipstick on boy s cheeks and nose; mother puts the Mexican hat on boy.

18:40:38:29 Kids dancing in circle showing off their Halloween costumes; VS children in Halloween costumes blowing up various colored balloons in schoolyard.

Halloween Party
Produced byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
Encyclopaedia Britannica Films
Distributed byEncyclopaedia Britannica Films
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