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Heart, The is a short film from ca. 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Another in the astonishing series of science and nature films narrated by writer/naturalist John Kieran, The Heart achieves a surreal effect from the combination of aimless narration and precise German visuals. Like the other films in the "John Kieran's Kaleidoscope" series, it was reworked from a Thirties documentary produced in Germany and relicensed as "alien property" after the war. Without meaning to frighten, this film spreads feelings of unease. With animation and X-ray motion radiography.

Heart, The
Produced byMoss (Paul F.) and Schnee (Thelma)
Moss (Paul F.) and Schnee (Thelma)
Distributed byMoss (Paul F.) and Schnee (Thelma)
Release date
ca. 1950
Running time
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