How Honest Are You?

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How Honest Are You? is a short film from 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Analyzes students' understanding of honesty, showing that they don't have much trouble with simple honesty, but in some situations, where honesty is a much deeper problem, complications arise.

21:10:31 Teen boys in locker room getting dressed for a game 21:10:49 Bob comes back to locker room to take something from someone else's locker 21:12:00 Bob comes back to locker room to take something from a locker 21:12:13 Same scene again - this time tracking shot reveals witness 21:12:58 Teen boy awake at night thinking 21:16:05

Bob in locker room again, this time more obviously stealing money

How Honest Are You?
Produced byCoronet Instructional Films
Coronet Instructional Films
Distributed byCoronet Instructional Films
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