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Inside Story, The is a short film from ca. 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Includes: 1950 Chevrolet assembly line footage (EXCELLENT); early 1950s

family in car driving on country road, cute little girl in front seat. Americana: 1950 Chevrolet stops at roadside restaurant ("Western Bar-B-Q", "Cheeseburgers" signs on restaurant), man gets out of car. Highway road tests: shock absorbers, brakes, slamming doors, etc.; good "teamwork" shot: group of six men flip over a Chevrolet that has overturned...and the car is driven away.

02:15:32:5 Great shot woman in one-piece bathing suit jumps off wood plank diving board, does a flip, and enters the lake in a dive; as soon as woman enters water shot is rewound; audio track Here is something we have all seen in the movies, yes just a little reverse English on the camera.

02:15:46:08 CU speedometer of 1950 Chevrolet hitting almost 50 mph; VS 1950 Chevrolet towed so that half the car will hit a wood ramp flipping the car on its side; great POV shot from car looking back at empty Chevrolet being towed into the ramp and the Chevrolet turning on its side in midair as it hits the ramp.

02:16:53:22 Man buffing the body of a 1950 Chevrolet moving down GM factory assembly line, the Fischer body division of General Motors, the largest manufacturer of automobile bodies at that time.

02:17:23:06 VS workers in GM factory producing the steel Fisher bodies of cars; two men working at huge steel press, one man with cigarette hanging from his mouth; mechanical arm passes steel floor panels of Fisher car bodies passing worker onto conveyor line; machine adds cross-braces and girders are added to the floor panel; great shot of two workers adding cross-bracing to car body, the cowl and dash assemble; great shot large mechanical arms operated by workers welding instrument panel of car, sparks fly; huge press operated by workers shapes the Chevrolet turret top of vehicle; VS welders, many with cigarettes hanging from their mouths, welding together the steel structure of the Chevrolet Fischer body moving up assembly line.

02:19:21:04 Great tracking shot looking back at man driving 1950 Chevrolet with boy in front passenger seat; great shot from inside driving car, pans over from driver seat to boy in passenger seat.

02:20:13:02 Great stop-motion animation illustrating how three piece of steel are melded into one; man steps out of car, boy about 12 years old exits front passenger seat, man walks around car and opens backseat door for wife and daughter to exit; another stop-motion animation showing 5 separate steel components of girder separating and reconstituting.

02:21:02:06 CU disembodied woman s hand in white glove hold handle of car door, presses button on handle and opens door then shuts it.

02:21:05:22 VS worker in GM plant lifts car door off conveyor belt; steel car door moving down conveyor line; workers attaching doors onto Fisher body of Chevrolet cars; pan down unpainted Fisher bodies of Chevrolet cars in GM plant, worker installs window.

02:22:05:17 CU cute little girl with long curls wearing a hat gazes out through car window; girl wears big smile.

02:22:29:05 CU disembodied worker s hand holding metal tool sets the child-safety lock; CU disembodied white gloved hand tries to open door from inside, door won t open; CU child-safety lock is lifted, disembodied man s hand opens passenger seat door from inside.

02:22:42:15 Great shot automated machine with rollers painting over inside roof of car; VS workers installing car insulation; CU family driving in car through snow-covered wooded landscape; worker smoking pipe rinses car with hose.

02:23:45:08 man steps out of 1950 Chevrolet in parking lot of brick building with sign Western Bar-B-Q and another sign on side of building for Cheeseburgers.

02:24:02:08 Great shot man in lab coat holding clipboard closely observes car door opened and closed by robotic arm; two men in white lab coats observe trunk as one of the men pulls on chain run through a pulley and attached to the trunk in order to pry the trunk open; CU front tire of DeLuxe Chevrolet with Chevrolet symbol on hubcap driving over bumpy road; researchers in lab coats observe Chevrolet car body mounted on shaking rig; research shines strobe light on shaking frame of car, patch on man s lab coat shoes an antique car.

02:24:58:15 Great VS 1950 passenger-less Chevrolet car towed into wood ramp; car flips onto grass on side of road; 8 men flip car back onto its tires; men inspect car; man enters car and drives away in damaged vehicle; man driving family in Chevrolet car.

Inside Story, The
Produced byHandy (Jam) Organization
Handy (Jam) Organization
Distributed byHandy (Jam) Organization
Release date
ca. 1950
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