[Kidnapping in San Francisco]

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Moving Image:Kidnapping in San Francisco
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[Kidnapping in San Francisco] is a short film from ca. 1950s. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Captive for 64 Hours, Wealthy Realtor Saved

Realtor Leonard Moskowitz kidnapped; journalists are in on the story but keep it out of the press to lessen the danger to his life

GS old San Francisco Hall of Justice in Portsmouth Square MS detectives examining evidence VS photographers and reporters CU photo of kidnapped man CU journalists looking at daily paper CU letters and ransom notes VS car in garage, darkened room Police examining car for fingerprints in garage Reunited with wife after 64 hours, kisses MS criminals Harold Jackson and Joe Lear, demanded ransom MS San Francisco detectives Al Neider and George Murray

Shown with his wife, father and twin brothers

[Kidnapping in San Francisco]
Produced byUniversal-International Newsreel
Universal-International Newsreel
Distributed byUniversal-International Newsreel
Release date
ca. 1950s
Running time
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