Living Past, The (Part 2)

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Living Past, The (Part 2) is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Includes the early days of the horseless carriage, Columbus Circle 1900, Fifth Avenue in 1900, Spanish American War films, Duke of Windsor as a child, return of the Spanish War veterans, Dewey Flagship, Coney Island, death of President Mc Kinley, Theodore Roosevelt takes oath of office, Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes.

05:01:44:24 VS stock footage from around 1901 of man cranking antique automobile then driving off with two women; woman in backseats holds large bouquet of flowers; great stock shots of early horseless carriages in New York City in 1900.

05:02:59:07 Great shot around 1900, paperboy in city street selling newspapers to men, horse-drawn trolleys pass by in background; VS busy New York City street around 1900 where horseless carriages have been banned, only horse-drawn carriages.

05:03:49:04 Bicycle race at Columbus Circle in New York City in 1900; young men hold up banner Columbia Winds.

05:04:05:17 Stock shot of early Manhattan commuter train around 1900 pulling into the station; train engineer runs alongside train on platform and grabs bundle of paper from engineer inside train.

05:04:20:28 Bourgeois New Yorkers in what is probably Central Park around 1900; VS New York City; Fifth Avenue Easter parade.

05:05:21:15 Footage of reenactment of battle scene from the Spanish-American War; motion picture was shown at the Pan American Exposition in Buffalo, New York in 1901.

05:06:42:14 Great footage from 1901 of miniature reenactment of the Battle of Manila Bay photographed in a pioneer studio in Chicago; miniature battleships in water producing real smoke from their smokestacks; battleship explodes; miniature battleship sinks.

05:08:18:21 Antique footage of Niagara Falls around turn of the twentieth century.

05:08:48:00 Duke of Windsor as a child; three grandchildren of King Edward VII of England, Edward, George and Mary; boy in center poses with toy gun.

05:09:47:06 VS old footage of the return of the Spanish-American War veterans, soldiers marching up Fifth Avenue; Dewey s flagship in dry dock after victory in Manila Bay.

05:10:26:28 VS Coney Island; women run onto ride; great shot of ride where one rides a boat down a large slide, passing underneath a bridge and into pool of water. Women riding on camels. Man bounces up and down on tightrope; woman walks on tightrope while carrying an umbrella.

05:11:36:13 Military funeral march in Washington D.C. after President McKinley s assassination on September 6, 1901. Great shot of large mourning crowd under umbrellas, still image of President McKinley superimposed over shot for ghostly effect.

05:12:30:19 President Theodore Roosevelt in 1901; Justice Oliver Wendell Holmes of the Supreme Court in the background.

05:12:54:07 McKinley s funeral in his hometown of Canton, Ohio; VS President Theodore Roosevelt.

Living Past, The (Part 2)
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