Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco

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Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco is a short film from 1950 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

05:01:06:21 Great bizarre CU shot of 1940s man in hat projected onto a tobacco leaf singing a strange chant. Audio tracks enters as mans head turns to black silhouette Let that historic chant remind you that Lucky Strike means fine tobacco.

05:01:29:01 Big band in white tuxedos plays with two large Lucky Strike logos hanging from the curtains behind them; music stops and Frank Sinatra walks on stage.

05:01:49:19 MS Frank Sinatra in front of orchestra and begins to sing; camera pans back to show band and conductor playing behind Sinatra. Sinatra sings Stardust.

05:04:22:18 Great shot of woman working in production line of Lucky Cigarette factory, stacking freshly rolled cigarettes. Audio track Lucky strike means fine tobacco. Yes, Lucky Strike means fine tobacco. So round, so firm, so fully packed, so free and easy on the draw. CU huge stack of cigarettes and disembodied woman s hand takes one off stack and shows it to camera.

05:04:34:10 CU Woman cuts open cigarette with an exacto knife in the palm of her hand; camera zooms into tobacco inside of the paper.

05:04:49:22 Pan over tobacco field with large leaves blowing in wind.

05:05:04:25 VS inside warehouse of dried tobacco during a tobacco auction; MS tobacco auctioneer chanting; pan over dried tobacco leaves being auctioned. VS great tobacco auction footage.

05:06:31:10 MS tobacco auctioneer wearing a suit and hat inside warehouse of dried tobacco speaks directly to camera Tobacky s my business, and I ve sold more than a hundred million pounds. Year after year I ve seen Lucky s get the finer, milder tobacco. So naturally I smoke Lucky s, smoked them for 26 years.

05:06:46:05 Line of trucks carrying barrels of tobacco; barrels unloaded into warehouse to be aged; CU Lucky tobacco being blended.

05:06:57:24 VS machine spitting out rolled Lucky cigarettes onto conveyor line; woman receives the cigarettes and stacks hundreds of them on top of each other up against a wall; great footage VS women working in Lucky cigarette production.

05:07:31:12 VS Man in graduation gown leads big band orchestra; audio track announces And now Lucky Strike  ; Kay Kyser s Kollege of Musical Knowledge performs with Harry Babbitt, Julie Conway, Sully Mason, Georgia Carroll and Kay Kyser perform Ma, she s making eyes at me.

05:09:53:07 CU Lucky Strike cigarette; special effect of cigarette paper opening by itself to reveal the packed tobacco inside; Great stop motion animation of twenty cigarettes wrapping themselves into a pack of cigarettes, then opening itself and pulling the tips of three cigarettes out of the corner of the pack.

Lucky Strike Means Fine Tobacco
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