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Newport Jazz Festival is a short film from 1956 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Voice of America at the Newport Jazz Festival.

Newport Jazz Festival
Produced byU.S. Information Agency
U.S. Information Agency
Distributed byU.S. Information Agency
Release date
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Shot List

06:45:27:15 Jazz band playing on stage under banner Voice of America at the Newport Jazz Festival.

06:45:52:04 Bing Crosby mansion.

06:46:40:26 VS great scene of Japanese woman on piano in kimono playing jazz with white basest and drummer at the Newport Jazz Festival.

06:47:45:12 CU man and woman in sunglasses entranced by Jazz music, lightly nodding their heads. Man in background wearing glasses lightly nods to music.

06:48:38:10 VS Japanese female jazz pianist in Kimono exits stage from performance and enters interview in Japanese with Japanese reporter in large black framed glasses holding thin microphone.

06:56:30:01 Professional photographer on knees in front of audience taking photograph; second camera hanging from shoulder.

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