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Oklahoma - Heartland USA is a short film from ca. 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Script: Dwight V. Swain. Producer/director: D.N. Hockman.

Oklahoma - Heartland USA
Produced byUniversity of Oklahoma
University of Oklahoma
Distributed byUniversity of Oklahoma
Release date
ca. 1953
Running time
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Shot List

A-roll pix and sound have been shotlisted.  B-roll pix not shotlisted but contains similar images.

The Oklahoma Planning and Resources Board Presents
A University of Oklahoma Production Extension Division Photographic Service
pan left from field of corn to other produce field
montage of various Oklahoma rural landscapes
LS wheat field with clouds
static LS of Red River
02:03:11:23 - 02:03:32:24
MS two men in suits and hats talking on crowded street corner, passers by walk between them and camera
VS other shots of pedestrians in crowded downtown streets (good)
02:03:32:24 - 02:03:45:18
MS man in suit walks into frame on busy city street and directly addresses camera: "We are Oklahoman and we are proud of it. We live, work and play in this great state of ours, all kinds of folk." 
LS 1930s vintage car leaving small house in trees coming toward camera down muddy road
LS tractor w/ plough attachment ploughing up field going uphill away from camera toward blue sky w/ clouds
WS cattle running through grasslands
Aerial of cattle running through grasslands with trees and cowboys
LS double decker tour boat (name Cherokee Queen partially visible) crowded with people on blue shimmery water against blue sky; people waving; moving L to R
High angle looking down on busy city street lined by tall (10 - story) office buildings. Sign Atlas Life partially visible.
various pedestrians and car traffic on busy city street; men in suits and hats; street railway tracks; African-American or Indian or Native American man in leather jacket on blue motorcycle enters frame L to R
LS of wide tree-lined street with large possibly civic buildings towering in the background
02:04:23:36 - 02:04:27:09
various oblique shots of tall office buildings or residential towers 
VS downtown Tulsa streets and buildings, including 1st of Tulsa, including MS of "1st of Tulsa" logo on building
WS LS of small town downtown street; sparse traffic, lots of 2- and 3- story brick buildings and vintage 1930s cars
LS of group of men in work shirts, dungarees, and hats, some sitting, some standing, outside Dry Goods Co. on small town street with wooden wagon in background and contemporary electircal poles and wiring. 
LS looking down sloping main street onto small town commercial neighborhood. H-C gas sign visible.
VS small town streets with stores, people, and cars: includes signs of Royal Crown Cola, Thorpe's Food Store, 
LS with beautiful silver car, late 1940s vintage in foreground; oil wells in foreground and background and a few utility buildings
high angle WS of wooded small town landscape with railway yard
low angle shot of woman in farmwife dress and 19th-century style sunbonnet walking down sidewalk toward camera; men in background are watching the camera.
high angle shot of verdant small town with dirt roads
LS of hundreds of cars parked in a field, all vintage 1930s and 1940s, some with people standing and sitting around them.
CU, backlit and silhouetted, of policeman watching traffic on country road. shot from within police car. Policeman slowly turns head to reveal upturned (piglike) profile of face and nose. Vintage 1940s car with airplane propeller-like hood design drives past.
Vintage 1940s black Chevrolet drives left to right down two-lane country road.
LS white well manicured carpenter gothic farmouse with two peaked eaves at right angles to one another with a square multistory turret rising between them. 
02:05:29:08 - 02:05:49:00
VS Oklahoma homes: single-story planned unit development homes; one postmodern Wright-style home; one large white multistory tudor-style home; one brick cottage for the poor with children in front; a middle-class well manicured multi-plan street.
02:05:56:07 - 02:06:05:29
VS Well-dressed churchgoers emerge from services. Women are wearing hats and pearls; men are in suits and ties. The brick church building is partially shown, including a cathedral window. Women shake each other's hands. One oblique shot gives us a better view of the church building, including a larger arched window and a multistory turret.
02:06:43:18 - 02:06:55:18
Pan rolling green hills dotted with trees crowned by blue sky dotted with cumulus clouds.
VS rural landscapes: a river lined with tall trees, a farmer's field with yellow blooming wildflowers with blue sky above filled with cumulus clouds.
02:07:04:16 - 02:07:08:27
MS coal miners shoveling coal onto moving machinery; wearing dungarees and head lamps, faces smudged with coal dust. (more shots at 02:09:24:06)
LS low-to-the-water level bridge span across a wide lake
MS brown whitewater sloshes and charges furiously out a water gate
VS oblique shots of electrical towers against blue skies
MS man of industry in hard-hat and leather jacket poses in front of a dam and adjusts his hat, then begins speaking directly to camera: "I'll tell the world we have resources. This is just one of the many dams we have in Oklahoma." 
VS dams
Voice over narration continues: "We have plenty of others: Grand, Tenkiller, Texoma, Fort Gibson, and more to come. They give us power, more power than the folks who first settled here even dreamed of. And at the same time they cut down erosion, stop floods, and help us save our soil. But flood control and power aren't even half the story...."
02:07:53:05 - 02:08:10:29
VS CU, MS, LS, field being ploughed; 
Narration continues: "...Oklahoma's a big state! 70,000 square miles of some of the finest land in the country. Most of it's tops for farming. Wheat, cotton, alfalfa, broomcorn, all kinds of crops."
02:08:29:14 - 02:08:57:11
VS CU, MS, low angle shots of oil wells pumping; low angle shot of pump bearing directly down on camera, camera looking straight up interior infrastructure of well.
02:09:01:19 - 02:09:06:24
LS coal processing plant (good). Camera looks up a path between sparkling piles of coal toward plant sitting large on the horizon.
02:09:06:25 - 02:09:14:00
CU, VS miners wearing helmets with head lamps; one with cigarette dangling from mouth.
MS miners wearing head lamps shoveling coal into moving machinery (repeat of shot from 02:07:04:16)
02:09:24:06 - 02:09:33:03
VS coal moving on conveyor belt on underground machinery; men loading large (two feet diameter) chunks of coal onto conveyor belt (good!); large chunks of coal on conveyor belt heading into dark tunnel with small round light at end of tunnel
02:09:33:29 - 02:09:39:01
CU pottery wheel; man's hands shaping vase on moving wheel. 
CU forklift with large load of rocks and gravel, pulling load out of quarry and dumping it into bed of dumptruck (?). 
LS Quarry manager hut at base of cliff inside of quarry with moving forklift dumping load of rocks into dumptruck. Man stands at far right of frame for scale. (good)
MS factory with crane in factory yard against blue sky. Crane dumps load of dirt onto pile (pile is off camera).
02:09:57:18 - 02:10:09:26
LS Quarry wall being sprayed with water hose pressure jet.
02:10:32:22 - 02:10:38:00
VS silhouetted picnickers at lakeside
02:10:55:29 - 02:11:00:15
LS fishing hole filled with eleven men with fishing poles standing in a circle. Men wearing overalls, jeans, and fishing hats. Woman in sunbonnet with back to camera in foreground. (Good!)
02:11:00:17 - 02:11:10:03
CU line of many fish being pulled out of lake onto rocks. Fish are brightly colored, silvery and pink, and wiggling. (good!)
LS 4 men fishing with poles on riverbank, backs to camera
MS man fishing in river with fishing pole with rapids in background, wearing fishing hat outfitted with many fishing flies, struggling with a bite on the line.
LS deep blue still lake with forested hills on far shore and shoreline development distantly visible as small buildings. Tree silhouetted in foreground.
LS Vintage 1940s cars driving out on fishing pier. Camera looks out pier toward water.
MS Four people, three men, one woman, in festive straw hats and dungarees, plaid shirts and overalls clustered on rail of fishing pier, looking away from camera over the  rail.
profile of same four people (above), shown each holding a fishing pole looking over rail of fishing pier.
LS Four people (two grandparents, two boys) in fishing boat. Grandfather is holding a long fishing pole.
MS fish being cleaned on rock by shirtless man as two boys look on with disgust and fascination.
CU bird (quail?) being held in hands; hands ruffle its feathers, bird panics and tries to fly away but is held fast by its feet.
LS three mallards floating on lake.
LS two men in hunting gear holding rifles with two German shorthair pointer hunting dog stand in front of vintage 1940s car, viewed through tall weeds; men begin walking toward camera, dogs turn and run forward.
MS English pointer hunting dog wearing leather harness held and petted by man in suit and leather gloves. Man pulls tail upright into field trial pose position.
LS VS, men in suits and hats on horseback milling about a gravel road, waiting for a field trial to begin; three of the men head out into a field.
02:12:33:27 - 02:12:43:17
LS VS, man on water ski rides behind a boat. Camera looks off back of boat down the line toward the man. Another boat zips past in the background.
02:12:46:29 - 02:12:54:07
LS VS, young women on horseback ride into view on dirt road through overhanging trees
02:12:54:10 - 02:12:56:10
LS group of fifteen to twenty youths prepare a campsite for overnight camping
02:12:46:11 - 02:13:02:24
LS school building, modern one-story architecture with stonework front; parking lot in front of it filled with vintage 1940s cars
LS group of about sixty young women in uniform raise an American flag up a flagpole in a grassy field surrounded by trees.
02:13:44:25 - 02:14:13:11
VS, LS, MS, CU, including low-angle oblique shots of farmer ploughing field.
02:14:30:16 - 02:14:35:15
time lapse shots of cumulus clouds, some dark with rain, moving through a blue-gray sky
02:14:35:17 - 02:15:02:21
VS:  MS man wearing enormous goggles and denim cap sits behind wheel of tractor and turns to look skyward. Farm machinery in background.
CU man removes goggles and looks around (good), then replaces them and resumes driving
LS man in goggles drives tractor Right to Left across field, then stops, looks skyward, and dismounts.
CU man removes goggles again and looks around with concern and skepticism regarding the sky
02:15:02:23 - 02:15:17:15
VS: CU stalks of wheat waving against dark and ominous sky
LS dark sky parts and lightning bolts shoot downward
CU stalks of wheat wave in face of impending storm
LS farm fields darkened by storm.
02:15:27:13 - 02:15:35:00
MS farm worker lifts bales of hay off hay baler
02:16:07:22 - 02:16:29:03
LS hay baler plies golden field of wheat; baler moves toward camera and LS becomes CU; baler moves fully across camera's field of vision and then away, showing back of machine. Brand name CocheHutt visible.
LS two ploughs with disc plough attachments working golden field moving away from camera; large concrete multi tower grain tower complex visible beyond end of field
VS: CU top of concrete grain tower complex; pan from top to bottom of grain tower, showing gate / sallyport at center bottom; vintage 1930s farm truck drives toward camera through sally port
low angle shot, CU, farmer holds live turkey and squeezes its throat
MS many full grown live turkeys crowd a farmyard; CU adult turkey with large dangly comb (good)
02:17:06:17 - 02:17:11:10
low angle shot: several white chickens peck ground of farmyard, behind them a grandmother walks with two small twin boys in matching outfits. (good)
02:17:11:11 - 02:17:21:01
VS farm pigs: LS pigs in a farmyard; pigs walk toward camera; pigs crowd a feeding trough; CU pigs ears as pigs feed (good)
02:17:21:01 - 02:17:29:24
VS: low angle beautiful horses, chestnut, white and tan; MS, CU horses enjoying grass and breeze
LS cattle cluster on golden hillside, some under shade trees
VS: MS lambs nuzzle one another in field of short green grass, dirt road partially visible in foreground. LS adult sheep enjoy green grass
VS: LS horsemen rounding up cattle on grassy hillside spotted with trees. LS cattle in field. LS cattle cluster under a windmill.
MS man feeding cattle in farmyard from bales of hay
cattle crowd and push toward camera down muddy path between corrals.
CU cattle heads, red cattle with white heads, crowding together.
calf being pulled by rope tethered around its neck by cowboy on horseback
02:18:50:03 - 02:19:06:07
VS Oklahoma industry:
LS tree-framed view of Pittsburgh Plate Glass Co. factory including watchtowers on its roof; LS five smokestacks rise from partially seen factory roof; LS tighter view of watchtowers on glass factory roof; oblique angle of three smoke stacks and partially seen water tower; oblique angle of watchtowers and smokestacks; LS factory roof with complex piping infrastructure, watchtower, and smokestacks; 
02:19:06:09 - 02:19:12:28
MS man in suit and hat reads blueprints with oil rigging in background. Man turns to face camera and begins addressing camera directly: "Where industry's concerned, Oklahoma has everything."
02:19:12:29 - 02:19:38:02
VS pipe factory yard: LS pipe factory yard with large piles of long copper-looking pipe; men standing on top; moving equipment swinging overhead, swinging more pipe onto pile; MS pipe being lowered onto pile; low angle CU man helping pipe settle onto pile
MS wood frame house half built
02:20:11:22  - 02:20:29:07
VS furniture factory: LS looking down into interior of lumber warehouse; men and women load various sizes of lumber onto wheeled carts; MS woman and man operate power sanders to refine unfinished furniture (good); MS man and woman work next to each other finishing furniture, man puts finishing nails while woman uses router or awl to refine edges (dark); low angle CU of finished chair.
VS: MS woman wearing high heels and satin dress reveals leg by hiking up skirt to adjust stocking; MS woman rubs leg, stands; MS woman standing turns and rubbes her calves, adjusting stockings.
MS boy on hands and knees wearing white t-shirt and blue jeans crawls then begins to stand
CU earthenware pottery displayed on dining room credenza; hands pick up plate and cup then set them down again
02:21:08:11 - 02:21:20:05
VS glassware factory interior: CU assembly line parts move hot glassware through (dark); VS glassware assemblyline (dark)
02:21:36:23 - 02:21:48:00
LS glowing golden hot rods or streams of molten glass or lead are manipulated in long strands by unseen figures. Image is black except for glowing rods curling and moving around (good)
02:22:03:26 - 02:22:15:24
VS "Rosie the Riveter" shots: VS women in aircraft factories wielding drills and other hand-held equipment assembling airplane frames (frames are nondescript but voice-over narration identifies them as airplanes). (good!!)
02:22:15:26 - 02:22:28:27
VS Airstream trailers: LS looking down into interior Airstream warehouse; (good) CU Airstream exterior with logo visible: Spartan Imperial Windsor; LS dirt yard full of Airstream trailers, one large one is attached to a vintage 1930s pickup and pulled out of the yard (good!)
02:23:16:13 - 02:23:24:03
CU paint can mechanically filled with black paint; lidded and moved by human hands; a second can is placed for filling
02:23:24:05 - 02:23:33:07
VS fast moving belts spinning on factory wheels of different kinds and sizes; low angle shots, oblique shots (good)
02:23:43:20 - 02:23:52:10
CU black cab of vintage early 1950s GMC Diesel truck rolls Right to Left through frame. Logo visible on side of truck: "GMC Diesel". Driver leans out cab window and addresses camera directly, saying: "Transportation? You bet we have transportation."
02:23:59:23 - 02:24:26:22
VS delivery trucks in motion (all good!) 
LS Orange delivery truck approaches camera driving up two-lane road lined with orchards. Logo visible on truck: "Jenkins Music Co." 
LS / MS large black-cabbed delivery truck with wood-frame cargo bed hauls load, drives Left to Right toward camera, behind it follows vintage 1920s (??) delivery truck with yellow and brown cab, aluminum cargo trailer labeled with brand name "Viking" in large yellow letters; as truck passes brand is visible on door of cab: "Viking Freight Co., St. Louis, MO." 
MS / LS Similar truck with yellow and brown cab with aluminum cargo trailer passes camera and drives away from it down two-lane rural road. 
LS Truck with shiny brown cab and open bed cargo trailer approaches camera, passes, and recedes down two-lane road.
LS Truck with bright shiny yellow and black cab hauls load of new 1953 cars; logo on door of cab: "Contel Transport", shot becomes CU as beautiful cargo trailer passes camera and recedes down two-lane road.
CU jet propeller engines on shiny silver airplane; airplane moves across field; logo visible on side of plane: "Braniff International Airways" (good)
02:25:11:01 - 02:25:17:17
MS airplane interior; passengers being served drinks in paper cups by stewardess (good)
02:25:28:22 - 02:25:38:21
MS lawmakers enter Senate Chamber (dark)
MS low angle shot of couple exchanging marriage vows in front of minister with stained glass window in church wall visible behind them featuring nativity scene. Husband places ring on wife's finger.
LS funeral. Dozens of people, including four white-clad nurses with backs to camera, cluster under and around yellow awning in middle of cemetery. Gravestones and freshly turned dirt visible in foreground.
CU / MS plough blade turns earth to create firebreak; camera pulls back to show flames licking bases of trees in the near distance
LS low angle, military troops in dress khaki uniforms march in formation (good)
MS low angle, young men flip through pages of books together, in the background are the towers and parapets of the university they are attending
02:26:20:02 - 02:26:28:14
VS university campus: LS brick tudor-style educational administration building with clocktower (tower partially obscured by trees); MS oblique low angle shot of clocktower (good); LS gothic tan brick university building with prison-like central tower.
LS looking up greensward path through center of large garden filled with multicolor flower beds, looking toward brick arch or sallyport partially visible in background behind trees.
LS gothic (?) tan brick university building with women students walking across grass in foreground
02:26:38:18 - 02:26:47:03
VS agriculture students observe and evaluate bull in yard with red brick agriculture building in background
LS probably Oklahoma Capitol building (large, greek revival fortress-like structure); cars driving in roundabout in mid-ground.
LS yard of 19th century fortification with cannon visible in center of yard and flag waving high on flagpole
MS greek revival building with name visible: Oklahoma Historical Society.
MS oblique angle low shot of skyscraper
02:27:16:08 - 02:27:18:22
CU name "Philbrook Art Center" mounted on curved wall.
LS four-propeller jet gains speed on runway, approaches and passes camera and begins takeoff flying away from camera
LS large brick library building, partially obscured by trees.
LS factory yard with pylons and smokestacks
LS beauty pageant contestants enter stage by walking out through red and gold curtains. They are uniformly dressed in white swimsuits and high heels with satin ribbons across their chests with their names: Caroline, Wade, Evelyn, Pat, Beverly; when all are on stage they stand together in a row facing the camera and smiling
CU native American bangs drum while wearing traditional dress including feather headdress; pan to CU of feet of another native American dancing in beaded mocassins.
LS herd of horned cattle run across field left to right, herded by cowboy behind them.
CU worn ragged wooden sign hand painted with "150 mi. Abilene"; sign is cut in classic pointing shape and mounted with string or wire on snag of dead tree (good); cowboys rope cattle in background
CU wooden chuck wagon rolls across prairie. Hatchets and horseshoes hang from the wagon walls and the words "chuck wagon" are clearly printed there.
LS log cabin in clearing in woods. No windows, single story in saltbox design; two doors visible.
LS herd of cattle dwarfed by enormous field in extreme long shot cluster under windmill
CU old man with moustache and round-rimmed glasses, short thinning gray hair, wearing layers of work shirts
CU red leather book cover embossed in gilt bearing "Constitution of the State of Oklahoma 1907"; CU hand lifts cover aside revealing first page of constitution, handwritten in antique manuscript style
LS two-story brick building with domed roof partially visible. Manicured lawn in foreground.
LS buffalo eating grass from green lawn; chain-link fence in foreground.
LS tractor w/ plough attachment ploughing up field going uphill away from camera toward blue sky w/ clouds, (repeat of 02:03:59:12)
LS city skyscape with three or four skyscrapers visible. Low trees in foreground.
CU deeply rutted dirt road; camera is mounted to front of vehicle and shoots the dirt disappearing underneath it as it travels.
CU two-lane asphalt blacktop road with yellow center striping; again camera is mounted to front of vehicle and shoots the road disappearing underneath it as it travels
CU elderly cowboy in plaid shirt, scarf and hat, with moustache and gray sideburns. Monogram above shirt pocket reads "Tex." He removes his hat and rubs his hand over his bald head before replacing it.
CU young man clean cut in jacket and tie stands with clocktower of university administration building in background. Turns head right to left.
MS high angle shot of dense crowd of well-dressed people. Ladies are in dresses, pearls and hats, men are in button shirts and hats.
MS low angle shot of copper / verdigris statue of cowboy riding bucking bronco; 
MS low angle shot of copper / verdigris statue of World War I - era soldier with rifle in left hand and right hand raised to the sky.
MS low angle shot of copper / verdisgris statue of Will Rogers (voice-over implies Will Rogers). Wider shot shows three men regarding the statue.
LS probably Oklahoma Capitol building (large, greek revival fortress-like structure); cars driving in roundabout in mid-ground (same building as in 02:26:54:00 but different angle).
LS cowboys herding cattle downhill across grassy slope dotted with low trees.
02:29:45:15 - 02:29:49:05
LS logs rolling down sloping sloping pier into river
02:29:58:23 - 02:30:06:15
LS hill rising above a lake backlit by late sunset light (dark)