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Overs and Outs is a short film from ca. 1964. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

17:01:10:00 med shot of man putting reel on projector


17:01:31:00 MCU of man threading leader onto projector (17:01:51:00)

17:02:45:00 med shot - man comes into room and sits in barber chair, second man covers him with barber s smock. When he gets up, he has gained far more muscle tone (17:03:06:00)

17:03:11:00 locker room scene - coach explaining football play 17:03:26:00 football scenes (17:04:05:00)

17:04:09:00 CU of hands holding scene blackboard (kitchen scene in background) (17:04:19:00)

17:04:20:00 med wide shot - mom and little boy in kitchen boy begs for dog - mom says no, then forgets kid s name (17:04:49:00)

17:05:17:00 fabulous mother-in-law scene 17:05:17:00 med shot- MiL tasting soup on stove - makes face 17:05:19:00 MiL - dear, don t you think this needs a little more salt? 17:05:22:00 MCU of middle-aged DiL looking stressed/angry- Mother, please! I d rather do it myself! 17:05:29:00 med shot of Dil - puts hand on forehead, walks over to soup on stove 17:05:33:00 CU of MiL making hurt/angry faces 17:04:37:00 med shot of DiL adding salt to soup - top of salt comes off and huge amount of salt goes into soup - DiL frustrated 17:05:42:00 CU MiL - That s the way, stupid! You d rather do it yourself, heh? On TV, they run out and talk a pill when the mother-in-law says something a little salty, but not you! You have to spoil the dinner for the whole family because you re so hard-headed! How hard-headed can you get... 17:05:57:00 CU of MiL getting pie smashed in her face (17:06:00:00)

17:06:52:00 MCU of man watching movies, sitting next to projector, camera moves down to reveal that film is piling up on floor (17:07:03:00)

17:07:04:00 B&W CU of lady s smiling face, holding up a spray-can of bug killer next to face (17:07:08:00)

17:07:12:00 B&W CU of lady with bug spray - first she smiles, then makes funny faces - top of spray can is stuck (17:07:18:00)

17:07:19:00 med shot of scientist looking into microscope (17:07:23:00) 17:07:24:00 CUs of organisms moving around quickly to music 17:07:35:00 med shot of straight-faced scientist looking up from microscope, then back into it (17:07:41:00) 17:07:42:00 CU of amoeba? moving around quickly to music 17:08:02:00 med shot of straight-faced scientist looking up from microscope, then back into it(17:08:08:00) 17:08:09:00 more amoeba (17:08:25:00) 17:08:26:00 more scientist(17:08:30:000 17:08:31:00 best microscope shot - looks like cell with something live inside it (17:08:36:00) 17:08:37:00 more scientist 17:08:39:00 more amoeba movement- obviously sped up 17:08:50:00 more scientist (17:08:54:00)

17:08:55:00 MCU - bare-chested guy jumping up and down next to scientist(17:08:58:00) 17:08:59:00 MCU - film piling up around feet of man sitting next to projector (17:09:04:00)

17:09:27:00 MCU newspaper - camera zoom on headline Woman Nearly Itches to Death (17:09:30:00)

17:10:11:00 med shot of man with projector - up to waist in film, seems not to notice (17:10:16:00)

17:10:20:00 wide shot of hunting scene - bird flies unexpectedly out of grass - hunter yells Yipes! (17:10:28:00)

17:10:29:00 med wide shot of hunting scene - bird dog points - (wide shot) hunter trips over dog, falls (17:10:42:00)

17:10:49:00 CU of man brushing teeth in mirror - woman s voice asks to watch him brush teeth - man says Beat it , then - 17:11:11:00 pulls out dentures and says If yer so crazy about seein teeth being brushed then brush em yourself! Now get out of here woman and let me have some privacy! (17:11:18:00)

17:11:19:00 med shot - man next to projector up to neck in film - finally notices and turns off projector (17:11:33:00)

Overs and Outs
Produced byCalvin
Distributed byCalvin
Release date
ca. 1964
Running time
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