Polaroid Dealer Announcement (1964)

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Polaroid Dealer Announcement (1964) is a short film from 1964 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

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Polaroid Dealer Announcement (1964)
Produced byBay State Film Productions, Inc.
Bay State Film Productions, Inc.
Distributed byBay State Film Productions, Inc.
Release date
Running time
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Shot List

CU hand taking newsreel camera out of shipping box
CUs 2 cameras being adjusted, set up
[more shots not listed]
Road signs at city limits of Boston, San Francisco, and other cities
[more shots not listed]
Aerial of Polaroid building along Route 128 in Massachusetts
CU Lowell Thomas talking
VS customers in stores peeling off instant Polaroid picture, smiling.
VS faces in store smiling (good)
Animated graph of Polaroid corporate sales 1948-1964
Graph of 1963 dollar volumes of 35mm camera, 8mm camera and Polaroid cameras
Graph of 1963 dollar volumes of still camera imports
CU boxes of Polaroid film on table 
Various CUs of older and newer boxes of Polaroid film
Scrapbook flipping open to show famous national Polaroid print advertisements
Polaroid TV commercial  -- woman folksinger singing, playing guitar   parents shooting kids and CUs of snapshots they are making
Another Polaroid TV spot, at the zoo   father is shooting daughter and zoo animals
Upscale Father-daughter stuff
Father-daughter in horsedrawn carriage (Central Park in NY?)
CUs of snapshots he s taken
CU Polaroid newspaper ads spread out in front of camera
CU pan over new Polaroid cameras on table
Pie chart of U.S. still camera market (about 6 million units in 1965) showing Polaroid s share of variable and fixed focus cameras
CU cash register numbers ringing up totals
CUs cameras being sold, salespeople, Polaroid  camera girls , promotional displays and materials
Ed Simillion, Mass. Motion Picture Service, interviewed as to how good a sales year he has just had and how he did it through promotions
Ed demonstrates  executive kits,  which include camera and accessories in an attach  case
Pan down main street of Laconia, New Hampshire in the snow (good)
VS people walking down main shopping street (good)
Camera store   counters and salespeople in Laconia
Interview with owner of camera store in Laconia
CU Polaroid 100 camera marked  Special 
VS  Camera Shop  in Fort Worth, Texas   outside and inside view
Interview with owner of Ft. Worth camera shop, who explains how he sold cameras at higher prices than the local average
CU owner saying  You bet! 
CU sign pointing way to  North Hollywood 
VS outside views of Hooper Camera shop in North Hollywood, California
Inside view of Hooper shop
Interview with owner of Hooper Camera
CU sign  Windsor, Population 117,700  (Windsor, Ontario, Canada)
Nighttime ext. of camera shop in Windsor
Interview with owner of this store
He describes how he sold cameras in spite of higher costs and being right across the river from Detroit
CU newsreel camera being replaced in locking case
Lowell Thomas outro about how 1965 will be bigger than 1964
Polaroid commercials for 1965: CU instruments of symphony orchestra, dissolved into one another in montage
CU conductor
Introducing economy model of Color Pack camera at half the price at the original model (this is the Polaroid Automatic 104)
Another commercial   CU man shedding tear, looking expectant and then downcast (another spot for the Polaroid Automatic 104)

Excellent conductor tapping baton in ad  at end of film.