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Progress Parade is a short film from ca. 1960 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Animated radio waves dissolving into main title: Progress Parade (good)

Progress Parade
Produced byUnknown
Animation byanimator
Distributed byUnknown
Release date
ca. 1960
Running time
ewid: 3594 | Fresh | | Up || dopt: 1

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Shot List

Title: Fishing on Dry Land

  • Pan around desert landscape to oil rig, pan up drilling rig
  • CU drill shaft rotating, then hanging up and stopping
  • Animation of drill pipe broken off next to drill pit, deeply underground
  • VS oil workers
  • VS hoisting up 10,000 feet of drill pipe, disconnecting it
  • VS men driving up to work site in 1950s cars
  • VS the fisherman in action
  • Roughnecks attaching fishing tool to drill pipe, lowering it into hole
  • MS fisherman feeling his way into hole 2 miles deep
  • Animation of fishing tool grasping onto lost bit
  • MS fish caught, drill revealed, everyone congratulates him and smiles

Title: Baby Demands Comfort

  • CU baby in bassinet crying
  • CU mother picking up baby in her arms, holding infant
  • CU bottle of Citadel Baby Oil
  • CU mother rubbing baby oil all over child
  • Pan from beaker marked CRUDE to one marked BABY OIL
  • LS refinery
  • VS huge refineries and equipment
  • Mother puts baby back in bassinet

Title: Bottle of Magic

  • CU liquid boiling on ice, producing a burning gas (LP Gas)
  • CU frying pan with 2 eggs cooking
  • CU woman s hand washing dishes in sink
  • Many chickens in chicken house clustering around gas burner
  • Man operating forklift in warehouse
  • Man operating metal heat-treatment machine
  • VS railroad switches in the show
  • VS restaurant kitchen, chef cooking steak
  • Oil delivery man delivering LP gas to a home from his truck into home gas tank
  • Little boy looks on

Title: Wearing Two Hats

  • MS gas station man opening hood
  • LS service at Citadel service station
  • MS two men scanning skies with binoculars (civil defense workers)
  • Man in hat and suit walking into Board of Education conference room
  • Men looking at renderings of new buildings
  • Two people in sportscar convertible (Europeans) being served by service station man

Title: Lifeline to Our Oyster

  • CU hands holding sick oysters
  • Oblique shot of oil derrick (good)
  • Looking up oil derrick (good)
  • Oil industry inaugurates research program to see whether oil is hurting oyster
  • Inside oyster lab at Louisiana State University
  • Small tanks with oysters
  • Hands pouring blanket of crude oil out of beaker onto oyster tank
  • Water jetting through oil into tank
  • Pouring oily dirt into water
  • Underwater explosion near oyster beds (good)
  • Narrator explains that oysters showed no ill effects from oil


  • They never had it so good!
  • VS staining microscope slides
  • A species of fungus turns out to be the real villain
  • Levees and natural changes, plus climatic changes, are affecting the balance of fresh and salt water in oyster bedding grounds not oil
  • Why, you may ask, why, were the results of $2 million worth of research given to the oyster industry? It s because oil companies believe that maintaining good neighbors is just good business as long as business and industry are free to lend a helping hand to each other, then everyone benefits.
  • End title: radio waves dissolve into THE END title.