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School Safety Committee, The is a short film from 1953 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

"Dedicated to the Boys and Girls of School Safety Committees, whose service to their schools have resulted in the prevention of countless accidents, the saving of many lives, and in happier, safer school days for their fellow students."

Clifford Adams, a new student at Franklin School, narrates his experience of encountering a safety monitor every time he turned around and perpetually discovering how improper his actions were on his first day of school. He goes to the safety committee meeting, which "was swell." It was run just like "our whole country is run, government of the people, by the people, for the people" He goes over the jobs of the different sub-committees, such as playground safety, bus monitor, and hallway safety. Dad's airplane factory has a safety committee too. Shots: Children saluting the flag (Pledge of Allegiance) and sitting down in unison. Children on playgrounds, school assemblies, boarding school buses, giving the safety pledge in unison

04:31:23:10 VS boy raises American and California state flag up flagpole as two companions place hand over heart; flags moving up flagpole; children standing beside their bicycles reverently watch the raising of the flags with hand over heart. VS kids socializing in front of school. Kids playing in schoolyard, boys is walked over to bike rack to park bike, boy points to sign on outside wall of classroom �Park In Proper Places.�

04:32:57:08 School girl supervises children waiting in line to use outdoor water fountain, boy cuts in line to take drink, girl send boy to back of line; CU school bell ring; kids run from schoolyard inside to classrooms; CU back of boy�s head reading sign �Are You A Hall Runner?�

04:34:21:01 VS school children reciting the American flag salute.

04:35:37:14 CU girls bangs gavel twice on table.

04:36:32:22 Busy hallway in school, hall monitor stops two girls and points out the proper place to walk in the hall; boy exits classroom, poster on wall next to door reads �We Walk In The Halls.�

04:36:56:23 CU girl picks up gavel off table and bang it three times.

04:37:56:05 VS school children, boys and girls from 7 to 14 raise hands seated at their desks.

04:38:14:18 School kids holding lunch boxes file into yellow school bus.

04:40:10:24 Great shot parents and son seated on couch, father�s arm around son watching television; CU BW television set in wood cabinet; audio track boy�s voice �we watch television quite a lot at our house�; doorbell rings, boy gets up to answer door, takes the jacket of his friend about 11 years old.

04:40:52:04 CU pamphlet with title �My School Safety Committee Membership Book�; disembodied fingers of man page through booklet.

04:41:17:10 Man wearing blue t-shirt and safety glass approached another man holding a clipboard; poster on wall behind man reads �Sight Security� with an illustration of man wearing safety goggles.

04:41:30:13 Man seated on couch offers two boys around 11 fruit from a fruit bowl with apples, oranges and bananas.

04:41:44:20 VS; high-angle pan over outdoor school assembly; school principal hands out certificates to students; CU School Safety Certificate for Allan Smith in man�s hand; boy�s receives award, audience of schoolchildren applaud.

School Safety Committee, The
Produced byDavis (Sid) Productions
Davis (Sid) Productions
Distributed byDavis (Sid) Productions
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