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Skyline New York is a short film from ca. 1956 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

01:01:46:21 CU 1950s father says �That�s a good even Steven proposition, Mother your daughter�s a born bargainer.�

01:01:52:04 CU 1950s mother with look of concern exclaims �All the way to New York ?�

01:01:54:12 CU 1950s young woman in late teens early twenties laughing �Oh gosh Mrs. Martin you make it sound like it�s the end of the world. Really it�s only a few hours away.�

01:02:01:16 MS blonde haired young woman with CU Mother in foreground of frame; girls says to her Mother �Of course Mother, you can fly coast to coast in only eight hours.�

01:02:12:27 MS Blonde girl in late teens seated between her parents at dinner table, girl excitedly cries out �Oh Mother and Daddy you�re the most� CU smiling brunette friend; blonde girl again �New York here we come!�

01:02:23:06 CU teenage girl says �Well, we�ve already reserved seats on TWA.�

01:02:36:04 Passengers climb stair ladder to board TWA plane; two girls wave goodbye at top of ladder; low-angle of parents waving back from behind fence.

01:02:52:21 TWA airplane taking off runway; TWA plane with American flag painted on its side, in air flying over clouds in blue sky.

01:03:06:13 VS inside TWA airplane in 1950s.

01:03:27:29 High-angle looking down on TWA plane flying above the Grand Canyon.

01:03:52:18 Stewardess or Flight Attendant delivers two girls their meal on TWA flight as they look out plane window excitedly.

01:04:18:19 TWA airplane flies over New York City; NYC skyline in background; VS aerials of New York City skyline in 1950s; plane lands on runway at Idlewild New York International Airport (now John F. Kennedy International).

01:05:02:04 Man stands on airport traffic control platform, hands on hips, with large letters spelling �New York� along railing, and large clock behind him reads 12:05.

01:05:07:11 Two 1950s young women stop out of TWA airplane onto stair ladder and wave white gloved hands excitedly to someone off in distance; MS man outside in beige suit waves arm; clock behind him on wall of building reads 12:09; man walks out of frame past sign �Transient Pilots Register Port Authority Operations.�

01:05:14:01 Passenger of TWA flight exit plane by way of staircase.

01:05:19:20 Man greets brunette sister with her blonde friend by their side. Audio track narration �The usual brother sister bit with Fran, and a good close-up look at the girlfriend from the West. Very nice.�

01:06:02:28 Pan over New York City skyline from a ferry in the Hudson River.

01:06:19:27 Statue of Liberty.

01:06:39:19 Castle Clinton in New York City, camera pans to downtown New York City skyline.

01:07:12:23 Pan up New York City Stock Exchange building on Wall St.

01:07:20:17 VS on and around Wall St. and Broad St. in New York City. Trinity Church

01:07:41:16 VS Trinity Church graveyard.

01:07:58:16 Great shot from ferry boat of Manhattan while passing beneath the Brooklyn Bridge on the East River.

01:08:10:21 One man and two young women look at NYC skyline from ferry and pass the U.N. Building. VS U.N. Building; pan across U.N. member states flags outside of U.N. building. VS inside U.N. building.

01:09:08:19 Shot from ferry on Hudson looks up at underside of George Washington Bridge; VS George Washington Bridge connection New Jersey and Washington Heights in Manhattan.

01:09:23:16 West Side Drive with 1950s cars and George Washington Bridge in background. VS on West Side Drive.

01:09:41:25 Grant�s Tomb and Riverside Church.

01:09:52:01 High-angle pan up Park Avenue of the 1950s.

01:10:14:14 New York city policemen on horseback in parade up Fifth Avenue. VS parade on Fifth Avenue with Trans World Airline (TWA) building in background.

01:10:37:22 High School cheer squad does choreographed dance in parade on Fifth Avenue.

01:10:57:07 Fifth Ave and East 40th St. in 1950s midtown Manhattan; pan to NYC Public Library; VS busy NYC sidewalks in midtown.

01:11:21:10 Two young women walk into Tiffany�s & Co; camera pans to Tiffany�s name engraved in building.

01:11:45:14 VS famous stores in 1950s New York City: Best & Co., Peck & Peck.

01:12:02:26 Two young women happen upon Atlas statue; camera pans up Atlas statue at foot of RCA building?.

01:12:25:11 VS Rockefeller Center.

01:13:14:13 Pan up RCA building.

01:13:35:21 VS atop RCA building on roof terrace.

01:14:03:14 Comical shot of girls face behind rooftop binoculars atop RCA buildings; the binoculars look like a smiling mask over the girls face.

01:14:07:27 Pan over Manhattan facing north from atop RCA building; Central Park and all of upper west and east side all the way over to the Queensborough bridge.

01:14:29:13 Shot from atop RCA building pans from Queensborough bridge to U.N. and the Chrysler Building; then pans to the Empire State Building.

01:14:59:25 St. Patrick�s Cathedral on Fifth Ave.

01:15:20:14 Cathedral of St. John the Divine in uptown Manhattan.

01:15:24:24 Temple Emanu-el Synagogue in NYC.

01:15:38:14 Young woman on phone with her mother seated on bed. College flags for Cornell and Princeton hang on wall. Blonde girl in blue dress says into phone �Cultural? You mean like libraries and museum and such. Well no not yet. Culture is scheduled for a little later. Tomorrow I�m booked for fun��

01:16:15:19 Packed beach at Coney Island.

01:16:24:13 Man and woman arm in arm walk over bridge to Coney Island beach; woman�s dress shoots up from air coming out of vent on bridge, woman jumps in surprise; audio track narration: �There�s a surprise a minute at Coney Island.�

01:16:33:20 Spinning Wheel ride at amusement park �George C Tilyou�s Steeplechase the Funny Place�; MS with camera on ride looking back at woman on mans lap spinning in circles on ride; VS of ride.

01:16:57:22 Parachute jump ride carnival ride.

01:17:22:01 Coney Island Ferris Wheel.

01:17:28:28 VS Coney Island�s Cyclone roller coaster.

01:18:27:13 VS couple in horse drawn carriage riding through central park; VS Central Park.

01:18:59:29 VS 1950s kinds playing baseball on field in Central Park.

01:19:29:28 VS animals in Central Park zoo cages: gorillas, polar bear, giraffe walking out of brick building; lions (in the Bronx Zoo).

01:20:08:21 Cute little blonde girl about 3 years old in petting zoo looks at bird perched on rail several inches from her; bird flaps wings and little girl surprised opens mouth wide.

01:20:12:18 Metropolitan Museum of Art; VS inside museum.

01:21:11:25 Pan down Radio City Music Hall Building.

01:21:35:01 1950s Yankees baseball game against Atlanta Braves.

01:21:57:05 1950s NY Giants football game

01:22:17:29 Belmont Park Racetrack horserace.

01:22:48:21 Ice skating at Radio City.

01:22:55:21 Madison Square Garden; ice hockey game, New York Rangers versus Maple Leafs.

01:23:15:05 1950s boxing match.

01:23:29:19 Time square neon lights at night. Ads for Lockheed and TWA.

01:23:54:18 Couple slow dancing while neon signs of 1950s nightclubs flash over shot: Latin Quarter, Versailles, El Morocco, Copacabana.

01:24:37:00 CU loud speaker; audio track �The departure of flight 912, Paris, Rome, Cairo. All aboard please.�

01:24:54:05 Passengers climb staircase to board TWA plane.

01:25:00:200 Woman waves good bye with white gloved handed; family behind railing waves goodbye smiling; woman kisses hand goodbye and cries.

01:25:14:25 Large TWA plane on runway crosses over highway underpass; TWA plane takes off.

01:25:41:26 Aerial shot of Statue of Liberty.

01:25:50:02 TWA plane in flies in air with southern tip of downtown Manhattan skyline visible below.

01:26:14:13 Nice montage of NYC tourist views, landmark buildings and sites: Brooklyn Bridge; Rockefeller Center, United Nations, Times Square with large Pepsi ad.

Skyline New York
Produced byDudley Pictures Corporation
Dudley Pictures Corporation
Distributed byDudley Pictures Corporation
Release date
ca. 1956
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