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Telegram for America is a short film from ca. 1956 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Promotional film for Western Union Telegraph Company, featuring its history, current practice and emerging technology. Pictures Western expansion; railroads; early hand telegraphy and telegraph keys. Shows 1950s-vintage teletype and paper tape network serving all cities and towns in the United States. Shows telegraphy of service in business, to families, to government, in natural disasters (floods and fires) and in the commodities market. Numerous scenes of 1950s business and industry. Footage of Western Union plant and facilities, including the microwave tower located in the Tenleytown district of Washington, D.C. Considerable coverage of new technology including facsimile (fax) transmission and delivery of telegrams. Also coverage of the ""Telmobile,"" a mobile reception center for fax telegrams that then delivers them to customers in outlying suburban districts.

Telegram for America
Produced byTransfilm
Distributed byTransfilm
Release date
ca. 1956
Running time
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