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Television Commercials - Folger's Coffee is a short film from ca. 1960s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

FOLGER'S COFFEE: 40 minutes of old Folger's commercials.

Television Commercials - Folger's Coffee
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Release date
ca. 1960s
Running time
4 reels
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More Details

Most of the Folger's ads involve a similar theme: Using white young suburban newlywed characters, Folger's explores different personality types in the similar scenario - a domestic conflict is created because the wife's coffee does not meet the expectations of her husband, advice is provided from an outside mentor, and the domestic sphere is now happily depicted.

Shot List

1) 00:01:80

  • Shot into the bathroom mirror - A woman brings a cup and saucer to a man with half his face lathered in shaving cream. He sips from the coffee cup and makes a sour face. Holding the cup up with one hand he shrugs and gestures with a sarcastic look on his face. Woman stops and looks around the side of the bathroom door, looking upset.
  • Close-up of Folger's coffee can sitting near the stove, innocent and confused young woman and older woman in an apron in the background.
  • Woman, biting her lower lip in anticipation, slowly walks around the corner of the bathroom door, leans against the door (close to the camera), puts her hand on her chest, opens her mouth in shock and sighs with relief. Man holding a cup of coffee can be seen in the bathroom.


Close-up of an older woman playing with a box full of puppies, a smiling man pets one of the puppies and then looks up at the woman. A more distant shot shows them in a kitchen with a younger woman working along the counter and sink in the background.

3) 02:06:93

  • Man seated at a kitchen table, sipping from a coffee cup, a woman smiling and energetically places two empty plates on the table. Close-up of a woman's face, questioning and serious. Shot of them at the table, man speaking softly and seriously, softly squeezes her hand.
  • Close-up of man, dressed up in a suit, smiling and sipping from a coffee cup, lifts his cup in a "toasting" movement. Close-up of the woman smiling and softly and contentedly glowing.


  • A smiling young man operates a slide projector.
  • Close-up of the slides changing on the screen - boat shots.
  • Guest seated on a couch in the darkness viewing the slides as they are projected.
  • A woman stands up in the darkness, looking upset.

5) 04:12:42

  • Problematic domestic scene: Close-up of steam flowing out of a thermos, the lid being placed on and tightened. Man sipping from a coffee cup and looking upset as he walks towards his wife placing a thermos in his lunch box, close-up to the camera. Close-up of a hand shutting a lunch box and a wife behind it, looking upset. Man shrugs his shoulders and raises his arms as he quickly exits the kitchen door.
  • Supermarket: Woman moving quickly past the aisles. She stops behind a scale and vegetable display, talking to an older grocer wearing a bow-tie. Close-up of the woman's face, looking upset as she is explaining.
  • Content domestic scene: Woman standing behind watching a seated man sipping from a coffee cup. He looks up excitedly and she places her hands on his shoulder. They kiss.


  • Troubled domestic scene: A man seated in a lawn chair outside with a woman standing nearby, looks in his coffee cup and looking angry and outraged - throws the coffee to his right. Close-up of liquid splattering on petunias. Close-up of woman's face, her eyes opened wide in shock as she emphatically speaks. Side view of man and woman facing each other - man pointing directly in front of her face.
  • Supermarket scene: Woman rushes up to a wise looking older foreign man. He stands in front of the Folger's mountain display sign and lifts his arms above his head in the form of a mountain.
  • Domestic scene: Evening meal with a cake on the table. Man and woman dressed up, woman pouring the man a cup of coffee. The woman watches attentively and patiently as he takes a sip. Side view of him saying angry words, "It's a crime". Woman's face, looking nervous and then smiling. She raises her arms over her head making the form of "the mountain", looking childlike, places her arms over his head and around his neck as he kisses her cheek.

7. 06:17:09 "MRS. OLSON FIXES A FUSS"

Close-up of two babies sitting in high chairs, an older woman enters through a door behind them. A man appears behind them, happily raising his hand holding a cup of coffee behind them. Close-up of the man's face, he seems to be in contemplation, holding his coffee mug and slowly smacking his lips. The housewife losing her cool and quickly becoming angry, seated in front of a baby in a highchair - she is holding a bowl and angrily stands up. Close-up of her face softening, she is upset as she speaks. Close-up of a man happily sipping from a coffee mug. Shot of a man and woman happily seated at a dining room table, woman cheerfully pouring herself a cup of coffee - the man gestures towards her with his cup.

8) 07:20:05

Shot from the outside of a supermarket window of a grocer hanging up a banner that reads "NEW". A woman in a shopping aisle, looks over her right shoulder to face the camera and then walks in that direction to ask a question from a an older grocery store worker. Women gathered around the supermarket gentle man as he explains to them a coffee display. Women rush over to the display and grab jars of coffee.

9) 08:22:09

A woman walks up to a white house and knocks on the door. "FOR A COMPLIMENT IN EVERY CUP"

10) 09:25:02

  • Close-up of a man in an officer's uniform sipping from a coffee mug. A blond woman stands with her back to him, working in the kitchen sink. He makes a face and says something and she immediately turns around and walks over to him, asking "What's wrong?". She looks upset and starts to walk away and her grabs her hand and pulls her back towards him. Close-up of her face, looking upset and sad.
  • Close-up of a super-market worker crossing in front of the camera, putting a pen in his chest pocket. Blond woman quickly walks down an aisle towards him. Close-up of a box being opened and a jar of Folger's coffee being taken out of it.
  • A smiling couple are seated at a dining room table. The man is holding a coffee cup - they smile and shut their eyes and slowly push their foreheads together.

11) 10:28:02

The camera quickly pans across a party in a living room. A young woman follows an older woman carrying a coffee pot through a swinging kitchen door. A young man is seated at a dining table smiling and holding a coffee cup while a woman stands behind a stove at the other side of a half wall behind him. She leans behind him on the wall looking while he sips, and then leans over and gives him a kiss on his cheek.

12) 11:29:80

  • Close-up of a woman's face in night lighting, wearing mascara and looking as if she is about to cry, she looks down to her left saying "I hoped it would be better today"
  • Close-up of blond haired, blue-eyed woman's face, pouting as she speaks.

13) 12:31:73

(Same as #9)

14) 13:34:09

Same as #13, but includes a flashback clip of the husband.

15) 14:35:49 "MRS. OLSON CURES A COPY CAT"

A happy family sit around a circular dining table. A little boy and a little girl sit with their backs closest to the camera, the parents facing the camera on the other side of the table.

16) 15:38:09

Close-up of a woman holding a coffee cup on a saucer, looking down and pouting. A man in a three piece suit and a pointy mustache suddenly materializes behind her. She turns around to face "Dr. Good Coffee". The young man and woman are seated behind their coffee mugs in the evening, sipping and smiling. The man kisses the woman on the cheek and she looks at him out of the corner of her eye while holding the cup to her lips.

17) 16:40:07

  • Close-up of a woman, sadly looking down, a newspaper being held up closely behind her head. She angrily reaches up and crumbles the paper down. Profile of a man, close to the camera, woman scolding him. Man looking angry, holds a coffee mug in front of her.
  • Woman running down the aisle of a supermarket.
  • The camera zooms out from the face of a man, eyes shut and smiling widely, a coffee cup to his lips - to the happy couple sitting at the table.


A man picks up a stack of dishes, they nearly tip out of his hands and two women around him reach to steady them.

19) 18:45:09

A man in a business suit stands next to a giant pot of percolating coffee that is the same size as he is. As he speaks, holding a jar of instant Folgers, the liquid in the giant coffee pot disappears.

20) 19:44:75

  • A young woman stands behind a food table backstage at a school theater production. A young man dressed as "Hamlet" holds an industrial type coffee dispenser while a person behind him pushes costume robes on a rack and the young woman behind the table adjusts a sign.
  • Many people buzz around the same area, a different man in costume approaches the woman behind a table, smiling and holding a coffee cup.

21) 20:45:27

Almost the same as #9 above, but this time with the "mountain" arm gesture.


A pan out from the face of a man taking a sip of coffee, he kisses the side of the head of the woman sitting next to him as she begins to pour him coffee and they look at each other smiling and rest their foreheads against each other.

23) 22:45:40

Almost the same as # 19 - the ordering is changed a little

24) 23:54:91

  • Close-up of slip on shoes being kicked off, zoom out to a woman lounging back in an arm chair. Close-up of her head sunk into the chair.
  • Close-up of coffee being poured from a coffee pot, a woman sitting nearby sipping from a coffee cup.

25) 24:28:22

A woman running down a grocery store aisle toward the camera. A man running down a grocery store aisle toward the camera. An awkward moment as a woman and an older grocery store clerk are approached by a young man - they all shift their weight and look at each other. Close-up of the face of a blond woman, her eyes widen with the question, "What are you doing here?" Close-up of the face of the older grocery store clerk with a bushy mustache, looking slyly out of the left corners of his eyes and smiling with his mouth shut and chuckling lightly to himself.

26) 25:33:73

A man reading a newspaper at a kitchen table suddenly looks alarmed and looks around. He picks up his coffee cup and saucer and places it in his lap under the table, then quickly goes back to looking like he is casually reading his newspaper. Woman carrying a coffee pot looks under the newspaper set on the kitchen table being read by the man. Man guiltily and slowly pulls his cup out from under the table, while her hand holding the coffee pot is close in the frame.

-27) 26:39:00

A man who has been house painting comes up the stairs of his house, swinging a towel over his shoulder. He sits down to drink some coffee and finds that he enjoys it more than usual.

28) 27:12:25

A close-up pan from two hands cutting a cake up the arms to the smiling faces of an elderly couple having their 50th wedding anniversary party. A slow-motion collage of the party - people clapping, taking photographs, the elderly couple kissing.


A woman carrying a platter of food and wearing a white apron is confronted by unhappy young men standing around a table putting on their jackets. The men crowd around mamma. There are three close-ups of the men drinking coffee and mamma's face as she looks at them. Close-up of the face of "mamma"looking up to the heavens saying with her thick "Italian" accent, "Back in business" and touching a handkerchief to her eye as she wipes away tears of gratitude.

30) 29:19:38

A group picnic outdoors after a game of softball has everybody commenting on their high quality cups of coffee.

31) 30:22:72

The "Cougars" football team is getting served some of the worst coffee by Minnie, "a ninety pound woman". After some deliberation around their cafeteria table, some of the men on the team confront her and she urges them to give her new coffee made with Folger's a try. Close-up of Minnie's face, her mouth open as she looks from side to side. Close-up of football players drinking from coffee mugs. Close-ups of the smiles of football players.