Television Commercials - Telephone

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Television Commercials - Telephone is a short film from 1970. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

St. Louis, Missouri (color faded)

Television Commercials - Telephone
Produced byUnknown
Distributed byUnknown
Release date
Running time
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Boats on Mississippi River Zoom out from downtown buildings to show Gateway Arch VS Arch looking up from the base and different angles (good) Arch with moon in background against night sky

CU finger dialing 603 on old 500 beige phone numbered (311) 555-2368 (color faded) VS Mt. Washington Cog Railway in operation (New Hampshire) VS man in 1970s phone booth

Kinestatis (still montage) commercial of telephone history emphazising how much price of transcontinental calls has gone down Old, old footage of man planting American flag on top of telephone pole in 1915 at California/Nevada line Zoom into man s hand holding white Trimline phone