Television commercials - Sunbeam Bread Spots

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Television commercials - Sunbeam Bread Spots is a short film from ca. 1960s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.


Television commercials - Sunbeam Bread Spots
Produced byEngel (Walter)
Engel (Walter)
Distributed byEngel (Walter)
Release date
ca. 1960s
Running time
1 reel
ewid: 1894 | Fresh | || dopt: {{{dopt}}}


A wooden roller coaster zooms down its track. Two boys in cowboy outfits walking on a boardwalk. Close-up of a smiling boy on a merry-go-round horse. A merry-go-round horse with no rider. A boy in a cowboy outfit looking forlorn, sits on a bench and bounces a ball. Another boy in a cowboy outfit sits next to him on the bench, opens up a lunch box and hands the first boy a sandwich wrapped in wax paper. Close-up of a boy in a cowboy hat eagerly eating a sandwich. Two boys on amusement park rides.

2) 01:09:49 "SUNBEAM BREAD, THE FAVORITE BREAD OF HOPALONG CASSIDY" A boy in a cowboy outfit is sleeping on a couch, is woken up and handed a plate of Sunbeam bread. His mouth is wide open with happiness and surprise. A boy in the cowboy suit runs down the sidewalk to put a letter in a mailbox near the camera. There is a double exposure sequence of the hand written letter with images of the energetic boy superimposed on it.

3) 02:10:30 SUNBEAM BREAD -- A boy in a cowboy outfit lassoes a loaf of bread from outside the kitchen window and runs around back into the house and eats a slice in the same kitchen. Close-up of the rear end of a boy in a cowboy suit, running away from the camera, throws a lasso into an open window. A boy happily sets a loaf of bread on a kitchen table, pulls out a slice, puts some spread on it and bites into the bread.

4) 03:07:10 SUNBEAM BREAD -- Billy is in a hurry to get to the store to buy more Sunbeam bread. He wears his cowboy hat just like Hopalong Cassidy. Billy runs down the steps from the front porch and jumps on a bicycle sitting outside. Shot looking up from under a bicycle handlebars to a boy jumping onto the bike. Close-up of a boy's feet going around on the bicycle pedals. Close-up of the feet of a boy walking.

5) 04:05:05 SUNBEAM BREAD -- This version is similar to the commercial #3, but here Sunbeam is presented as Gene Autry's brand and the boy in the cowboy outfit poses pointing at Gene Autry's image.

6) 05:04:50 SUNBEAM BREAD Close-up of a plate of sandwiches, cut into triangles.

7) 05:32:65 SCHMIDT'S BLUE RIBBON BREAD -- "Gives you extra milk".

8) 05:58:53 SUNBEAM BREAD -- When a boy in a cowboy suit discovers that the bread has all been eaten he runs to the grocery store with a carrying cart, buys three loafs of Sunbeam bread and runs home to happily eat some of it. Close-up of a breadbox being opened, an empty bread wrapper being taken out. It is shaken by a boy in a cowboy suit. A boy runs down the sidewalk dragging a carrying cart. Boy in a cowboy outfit sits at a kitchen table, happily making himself a sandwich.

9) 07:01:55 SUNBEAM BREAD The camera zooms in on an image of a picnic on a wall calendar and this fades into a beach picnic scenario. Close-up: A man holds up three slices of white bread, opens his mouth in an "O" shape in happy surprise, winks at the camera and bites into the three slices of bread and happily chews. A girl and a man throw a beach ball back and forth, standing near the ocean. Close-up of the beach ball bouncing off the man's face. He crosses his eyes and shakes his face, then happily eats another sandwich.