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Tomorrow Television is a short film from 1945 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

05:10:32:09 Model of "Futurama" exhibit by Norman Bel Geddes at 1939-40 New York World's Fair. Model has miniature moving vehicles, but is not an actual freeway. Aerial pan over model of futuristic streamlined city with skyscrapers and low-lying buildings, with little moving cars on the streets.

05:11:29:21 Zoom in on door to O.H. Caldwell; zoom in to Dr. Caldwell seated behind desk in his office. Dr. Caldwell discusses the future of television: ��television is most certainly here to stay�it is going to create a lot of new jobs�

05:12:10:12 Old-fashioned television broadcasting studio; men setting up lights, cameras and props on set.

05:12:21:08 Camera man behind old-fashioned television camera; VS camera and audio men recording eighteenth century musical piece for TV.

05:12:36:00 Pan down boom mic stand to microphone above singing actors; microphone has station initials on it WRGB; camera pans down to singing actors from microphone.

05:12:51:01 Shot from above and behind TV producer in control room watching three monitors of the broadcast; great early TV production footage.

05:13:11:24 NBC bus or mobile televising unit.

05:13:36:17 Two men on hillside elevation taping on TV camera�s a horse race.

05:13:39:14 Two men in dark room watch glowing broadcast of horse race; CU television screen with horse race.

05:13:47:19 TV cameraman films Mayor of New York Fiorello LaGuardia throwing opening pitch.

05:13:55:12 Pan from TV cameraman in audience to boxing match.

05:14:25:06 VS studio taping of television program; CBS camera man films dancing girls.

05:14:52:14 Two men in hospital, one with out a shirt on, sit in chairs watching television.

05:15:01:20 Great shot from behind two women�s heads seated on couch watching television; CU television set with man on screen.

05:15:37:16 Pan up top of Chrysler building. Pan over New York City skyline with Chrysler Building in center of frame.

05:15:56:05 Disembodied arms fencing in front of curtain; camera pans out to show two men fencing.

05:16:09:03 Camera slowly zooms in on the TV camera it faces; CU behind camera man looking into camera; TV camera with open back exposing the iconoscope.

05:16:21:01 CU man holdings iconoscope rotates toward camera. CU of the iconoscope. Great graphic explaining how television picture is transmitted from camera to TV screen in someone�s home.

05:17:13:14 CU young boy watching television program with two men fencing, boy turns to camera and says �Gosh� then turns back to TV screen to continue watching.

05:17:19:21 VS scientist harnessing electrons in vacuum tubes. Scientists using torch on glass tubes.

05:17:40:25 Brigadier General David Sarnoff, CEO of RCA speaks from behind his desk about broadcasting and the future of television after WWII.

05:18:23:29 Pan over men and women assembly line workers building televisions. VS workers working on television parts and assembling television.

05:19:03:08 Man assembles 1940s television set in factory; CU disembodied hand flips on screen and screen lights up with rectangle of light gradually filling the screen.

05:19:08:04 VS television and radio repair store windows.

05:19:42:23 MS Gilbert Seldes of CBS discussing the future of television broadcasting.

05:20:37:02 MS radio newscaster reads from script into microphone; producer in control room turning knobs.

05:20:43:28 TV set with camera and crew working on TV newscast in 1940s.

05:20:51:00 Shot on movie set of crane shot in an old western movie. VS on set of western movie; camera men behind cameras on cranes.

05:21:18:06 CBS TV crew recording boxing match.

05:21:35:21 Television transmitter�s working in TV control room.

05:21:39:13 TV electronics engineers work on equipment in workshop; one engineer smokes a pipe as he works.

05:21:50:07 VS from every angle of television production; writers watching from balcony cameramen recording on set; set designer drawing; camera men, lighting and crew; costume design and dressing room; CU disembodied hand does actress�s makeup, brushing on lipstick; prop table of telephones; Carpenters and model makers working on set.

05:22:24:22 VS Television broadcasting towers and antennas.

05:22:29:16 Aerial pan over realistic model of an entire city

Tomorrow Television
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U.S. Army
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