Two-Ford Freedom

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Two-Ford Freedom is a short film from 1956 released on 35mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

A Ford advertising film or television commercial. A suburban housewife talks to

CAM in her clean kitchen about the benefits of owning two cars; man pulls out of his driveway in a 1956 Ford Victoria car; CU the Ford Victoria car driving down road, POV moving car alongside; driving a Ford Ranch Wagon car pulls out of driveway and onto street.

07:20:52:10 MS young attractive 1950s housewife on telephone; woman hangs up phone in kitchen and speaks to camera �You know, two weeks ago, I couldn�t have accepted that invitation. Like so many people these days, we live in the suburbs, and Dave needs the car everyday for business. When he was gone, I was practically a prisoner in my own home. I couldn�t get out to see my friends, couldn�t take part in PTA activities, I couldn't even shop by myself.�that has all changed now� woman open kitchen blinds and looks out window; man steps into 1950s model Ford Victoria and pulls out of driveway revealing a Ford Range Wagon parked beside it in driveway.

07:21:43:03 Young housewife stands by kitchen sink, walks to pick up coat; good sound bite woman says while picking up coat �Why be stuck with one expensive car, when you can enjoy all the fun and freedom of two fine Fords.�

07:22:00:29 Great shot looking back at angle on 1950s Ford Victoria driving on open road.

07:22:06:28 Woman steps into Ford Range Wagon and pulls out of driveway; car exiting long driveway with two-car garage in background.

Two-Ford Freedom
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