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Walking to School is a short film from ca. 1960s released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

01:41:20:24 Pan over Los Angeles school in Spanish style architecture; VS pan over different style schools

01:41:54:02 Children waiting in line as the school bus pulls up to their stop; children enter school bus in single file line

01:42:28:09 Man holding up stop sign signals for children to cross the street

01:43:07:07 group of 9 children walking up sidewalk, three boys leading the pack.

01:43:24:01 Mother walks two children boy and girl out of house to sidewalk holding both their hands; mother says goodbye to her children, boy and girl walk down sidewalk to school holding hands; VS brother and sister walking to school; siblings stop to let car pull out of driveway then continue on their way; cars pulls over and offers children a ride to school, children decline

01:45:18:01 Boy and girl between 7 and 10 years old walking up sidewalk stop at corner, look both ways; CU stop sign; MS boy and girl look both way; LS car makes right turn passing in front of the two children, kids cross the street

01:45:46:13- 01:48:42:01 tracking shot boy and girl walking up street without sidewalk, boy walks in front of girl; VS brother and sister walking to school; MS traffic signal changes from green to yellow to red; boy and girl wait at corner for green light; traffic signal is red; MS boy and girl waiting; traffic signal turns green; boy and girl cross street; LS boy and girl stop at cross walk; cross walk signal changes from Walk to Don�t Walk; MS boy pushes cross walk button, boy and girl wait for the signal to change then cross street; LS boy and girl passing highway on pedestrian overpass; boy and girl arrive at school with the other children.

01:48:43:11 Mother waves goodbye to her son and daughter as the walk off down the sidewalk holding hands; VS review of same footage children walking to school; letting car pull out of driveway; declining ride from stranger; looking both ways at crosswalks; walking in single file when there is no sidewalk

01:50:34:11 Boy and girl walking down tree-lined sidewalk holding hands run to their mother waiting for them at the front door.

� 8:35:09:23- 8:35:25:05 Nice image behind two children walking along a suburban, California road. There is no sidewalk, and they step up on the curb when a car comes towards them. The homes beside them are southern Californian, suburban pueblo style. There are tall hills ahead of them.

� 8:37:28:14- 8:37:37:14

The two children walk along a pedestrian overpass to avoid the busy street below. The overpass is fenced in.

Walking to School
Produced byDavis (Sid) Productions
Davis (Sid) Productions
Distributed byDavis (Sid) Productions
Release date
ca. 1960s
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