War We Are In, Part Two: Communism vs. Capitalism, The

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War We Are In, Part Two: Communism vs. Capitalism, The is a short film from ca. 1962 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

This film is part two of a television program of lectures given by Dr. George S. Benson, the president of Harding College in Searcy, Arkansas. In this program, he redefines the meaning of peace from the point of view of communism. Communists are promoting peace fronts to get Kennedy to eliminate atomic weapon power, since they are stronger in manpower. Peace to a Communist means eliminating capitalism and Communists will engage in this cold war until they can compete in a "hot war". Co-existence to a Communist means, "you leave me alone until I'm strong enough to knock your block off", which Dr. George S. Benson predicts they could compete with us in atomic power by the years 1970-1975. They will fight the cold war and fight capitalism by going undercover and gaining leadership over many non-communist organizations, by infiltrating employees and alienating them from their employers, and by concentrating on women's organizations and appealing to colored workers, appearing to be the party of the collective and the worker.

A television monitor, showing the profile of a man speaking and gesticulating (Dr. George S. Benson speaking against "international communism") Man speaking behind a podium with four microphones mounted on it The faces of three audience members, looking very attentive and serious Man faces of audience members. serious and attentive Pan across the faces of the audience, one young woman asleep, head nodding forward EXCELLENT COMMIE PROPAGANDA Cold War scare film. Dr. Benson speaks from a podium and waves various Communist periodicals, speeches and the like. He quotes JFK, Hoover, Eisenhower and Khruschev. "Their [Communist countries] objective remains the total conquest of all the earth." "To the Communists peace means destroy the capitalist countries." "The Communists and fellow travelers are under orders [from Moscow] to fight the anti-Communist groups in America."

Talking about how American Communists plan to take power: one method is to "work with the colored, join them in any problem they have, be their friend under all circumstances, make the Communist party appear to be the party of the colored;" also to "concentrate on women's organizations."

War We Are In, Part Two: Communism vs. Capitalism, The
Produced byNational Education Program
National Education Program
Distributed byNational Education Program
Release date
ca. 1962
Running time
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