Washington in War Time

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Washington in War Time is a short film from ca. 1942 - 1943 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.


Union Station, exterior and interiors Railroad passengers in station President Roosevelt welcoming visitors presidential motorcade down Pennsylvania Avenue Washington National Airport VS Cordell Hull greeting dignitaries at airport U.S. Information building Crowds on sidewalks (good) Legs walking Passengers crowding onto streetcars U.S. Treasury Secretary of the Treasury Henry Morgenthau. CU SOF: "War is never cheap. But as I've said before, it's a million times cheaper to win than to lose." Bureau of Engraving and Printing VS and interiors Donald M. Nelson, war production czar. CU SOF: "This is the time for teamwork for you and your government, because we've got a war to win, and we're gonna win it." Social Security building. Paul B. McNutt, War Manpower Commission, CU SOF. War Department, Munitions Building Gen. George C. Marshall and Secretary of War Henry L. Stimson. VS combat scenes Traffic on Mall. Navy Department. Frank Knox, secretary; CU Adm. Ernest Joseph King Leon Henderson (Price Administrator) bicycling with others. Dr. J. W. Studebaker, Commissioner of Education Boys and girls on scrap drive (exuberant, throwing scrap into pile) people signing up for draft and rationing Department of Agriculture VS agriculture Department of State Secretary Cordell Hull Int Washington hotel lobby VS crowded cafeteria sign: Room and Board, No Vacancy group of women war workers living in one room CU pensive woman reclining reading book: "Washington Is Like That," by W.M. Kiplinger U.S. Capitol building VS Congress CU sign: "Thomas Rolph, California" and congressman Rolph White House Marvin McIntyre Stephen Early Cabinet meeting Winston Churchill and Franklin D. Roosevelt Roosevelt giving Congressional Medal of Honor to General James Doolittle United Nations (28 countries) meeting with Roosevelt Military parades along Washington streets with soldiers, tanks, airplanes

Vignette of Roosevelt's face inside outline of United States with soldiers marching in background

Washington in War Time
Produced byCastle Films
Castle Films
Distributed byCastle Films
Release date
ca. 1942 - 1943
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