What Makes a Fine Watch Fine?

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What Makes a Fine Watch Fine? is a short film from 1947 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Shows Hamilton Watch factory at Lancaster, Pennsylvania; hairspring in electronic vibrator. Women singing in graduation scene are from Hamilton Chorus.

Retirement watch. man received gold watch as gift from company at retirement. Recreation of the first steam engine as built by James Watt in 1769; 18th century clothes. CU of miniature watch parts and intricate assembly of parts (using magnifying glasses).

1940s film about the manufacturing and history of Hamilton watches. Great footage of miniature technology, watch gears and parts.

19:29:32:20 Microscopic CU of gears inside of watch ticking.

19:29:46:00 CU sign Parlor A Private Banquet Tuesday 8:00 P.M.

19:29:52:14 CU card propped up on table with goofy caricature of man�s head with handwritten text �Best of Luck Jim! From his old gang� with various signatures beneath the text; glass behind card is tapped with spoon; LS man giving toast to retiring man. Man is given a gift; CU watch in man�s hand.

19:31:12:07 Four women in graduation robes and caps, three pose as the fourth takes their picture.

19:31:22:05 Young woman in graduation robe receives gifts from parents in her bedroom with college banner for Purdue and Yale hanging on the wall; girl thankfully exclaims �I am so proud. Oh just wait until the gang sees this!�; girl calls in her friends also in grad robes from bedroom window, girls crowd around their friend. CU women�s watch on young woman�s wrist.

19:31:59:24 MS man wearing bow tie blows out candles on birthday cake; man opening presents in living room with family receives a watch and puts it on.

19:33:14:18 CU pocket watch in man�s hand reads 8:21.

19:33:41:17 CU various pockets watches from throughout the ages dissolving one into the next over black background; spinning wheel of various watches. VS CU slender women�s watches on women�s wrists; composition of four watches and one pocket watch on plane surface.

19:34:17:27 Brick gate with built in clock and sign for The Home of Hamilton Watches, camera pans over to Hamilton Watches headquarters.

19:34:59:05 VS inside Hamilton Watch factory in Lancaster, Pennsylvania.

19:35:59:10 VS watchmakers making watches with magnifying glass eye pieces.

19:36:22:18 Pan over wood cabinet upon which is written Hamilton Watch Honor Roll; VS pan over the names on the honor roll display.

19:36:45:19 CU first Hamilton watch ever sold.

19:36:54:21 slow tracking shot down aisle of male and female watchmakers in Hamilton Watches factory.

19:37:14:05 VS machines in watch factory; men work on machines in watch parts factory producing miniscule gears and other watch parts.

19:37:33:11 Nurse holds mans head back and looks into his eye through a magnifying glass with a light.

19:37:38:16 CU tip of finger with small black speck on it next to a screw; pointer identifies the speck on the tip of the finger as a watch screw. Audio track explains the large screw is a model of the tiny speck on the tip of the finger enlarged by 100 diameters.

19:38:07:20 Microscopic CU of watch screw on ridges of fingers.

19:38:12:17 CU pill box with 300,000 miniature watch screws and disembodied hand holding tweezer s sorting through screws.

19:38:45:05 CU several watch models running with gears exposed.

19:39:37:10 Great CU gears inside running watch.

19:39:46:07 Microscopic CU tweezers lifting a hairspring.

19:40:10:26 VS men producing special metal for watches in miniature steel mill in 10 lbs. ingots; machine cut steel ingots into fine ribbon strings of metal; CU ribbon of wire coiled by man with tweezers

19:41:49:16 Extreme CU man working on watch installing hair coil on balance assembly of watch. Nice shot of watch gears exposed.

19:42:09:21 VS woman working on electric vibrator machine to test hair springs for watches; woman turns various knobs on machine; CU hairs spring being tested in machine.

19:42:56:07 CU worker weighing watch parts on scale; VS CU workers sorting watch parts.

19:43:44:27 Big man with rolled up sleeves kneads dough.

19:44:15:12 Extreme CU disembodied hands with tweezers sorting through hundreds of watch bearings.

19:44:40:25 Extreme CU of Hamilton watch with mechanics of watch exposed; VS CU various watches with exposed mechanics in front of black backdrops.

19:45:21:26 VS chemists working in laboratory.

19:46:03:29 CU display of dozens of Hamilton watches

19:47:24:04 Great shot of an hourglass.

19:47:39:13 VS different box watches.

19:48:59:23 CU design for watch drawn on paper with actual watch resting next to the drawing.

18:49:04:14 VS people buying and receiving watches as gifts. CU watch in case, disembodied hand closes case to ladies watch.

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What Makes a Fine Watch Fine?
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