You Can Tell by the Teller

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You Can Tell by the Teller is a short film from 1945 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Portrays a pleasing and efficient payment transaction through the eyes of a customer. Contrasts desirable procedure with an instance of less desirable teller service. Shows the importance of library information service staff contact with patrons.

Instructional film for telephone business office cashiers (tellers) who interact with the public

CU Bell System flag flying Zoom into glass door of Bell System business office with logo in front of camera CU woman teller looking into camera and saying �Good morning�, addressing narrator (offscreen male) GOOD male POV of woman working in service position VS sequences of teller dealing with customers � friendly, accurate, polite �Goofus and Gallant� sequence VS seq of poor-mannered teller: indifferent to customer, takes no notice, keeps man waiting, chews gum, takes care of someone else first, doesn�t look at customer �Is it any wonder we are so careful about the kind of girl we put behind the desk?� Narrator describes virtues of women tellers � sexist, good rap CU operator (over-shoulder view) GOOD [lots of shots unlogged up thru 12:18] CU cash tray with bills and coins (till; cash register) CU desk tools; rubber stamp; filing trays; etc.

Rest of shots unlogged

You Can Tell by the Teller
Produced byWilding Picture Productions
Wilding Picture Productions
Distributed byWilding Picture Productions
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