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The Vitagraph Company of America, established on 15 February 1900, was originally the American Vitagraph Company. The company temporarily ceased production in January 1901 due to Edison patents lawsuits. The company resumed production after a distribution agreement was reached with Edison Manufacturing Company in 1902. By circa 1904, the company was again handling its own distribution. The company’s product was distributed by The General Film Company, Incorporated (1911 through circa April 1915), and V-L-S-E, Incorporated, distributed Vitagraph output from circa 13 April 1915 through circa September 1916. The company was sold to Warner Brothers Pictures, Incorporated, on 20 April 1925. Welcome Comedies established as a Vitagraph brand name in 1925.

Production continued under the Vitagraph Company name into the 1930s. Vitagraph was the longest-surviving American film company that was established in the 19th century.

United States of America Production and distribution company founded in 1900 and active until 1925

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