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IOP Ep 314 is a short film from 1956. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Industry on Parade Episode 314 from Oct 1956

IOP Ep 314
Produced byNational Association of Manufacturers
Release date
Running time
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More Details

Industry on Parade was a short television program that aired in the U.S. from 1950-1960. It was produced by the National Association of Manufacturers. The series demonstrated complicated industrial processes that transformed raw materials into finished products.


Industry on Parade Episode 314 from Oct 1956


Company makes components of a house. New mass production home-building techniques; construction industry. National Homes Corporation, Lafayette, IN.


Making a crate which can stretch, hold liquid. Used in washing surfaces. Cincinnati Industries, Inc., Cincinnati, OH.


Producing air coolers cheaper and easier than air-conditioners. Wright Manf. Co., Phoenix, AZ.

New York

Company makes weather seals for windows. Company first produced fringe for women's skirts. As skirts shortened, company changed products. Schlegel Co., Rochester, NY. Box 12

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