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IOP Ep 317 is a short film from 1956. It is held in the Periscope Films collection.

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IOP Ep 317
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Pennsylvania Molten iron refined with modern machinery; shaping metal. Glass fibers used for internal reinforcement. A. M. Myers Co., Pittsburgh, PA.

Wisconsin Selling knitted items, many hand-made. Making mukluks, or Eskimo socks. Handicraft Corp., Princeton, WI.

Utah Mixing concrete on the spot. Travel Batcher Co., Salt Lake City, UT.

Kentucky Water-powered mill grinds corn the old way; food industry. Mill Springs, KY.

Pennsylvania – wrought iron makers’ history – antique anvil for iron making (0:20-0:34). Pit furnace – smelting furnace (0:35-0:57). Bellows to flame the fire (0:47-0:52). Mixing strands of silicate slag, glass fibers, into the iron for strength (0:58-1:13). Reverberatory furnace / Puddling furnace illustration (1:14-1:22). Reverberatory furnace (1:23-1:38). Factory scene showing a train delivering materials (1:39-1:42). Bessemer converter furnace (1:43-2:27). Photoelectric cells measure infrared rays giving the amount of carbon in the metal (2:03-2:06). Iron being poured into slag to be mixed (2:45-3:06). Plume of iron rolled and re-rolled (3:07-3:47). Iron transported from one batch of rollers to another (3:48-4:04). Wrought iron process completed (4:05-4:41). Making Kiddie Cars (4:50-5:23). Princeton, Wisconsin – Handmade hats (5:28-5:38). Views of Princeton, Wisconsin in 1939 (5:39-5:54). Handcraft Company, Inc. (5:55-6:00). Muk-luks (6:01-6:15). Knitting machines making Muk-luks (6:16-6:39). Toes are sewn and then they are shaped (6:40-7:04). Leather soles are cut out and attached to knitted sock (7:05-7:33). Hand working on socks (7:34-8:00). School classrooms (8:07-8:18). Mill Springs, Kentucky – Going to a grist mill to have corn ground into meal (8:47-9:22). Water wheel of the grist mill (9:23-9:41). Gears and belts (9:42-9:48). Stones grinding the corn into corn meal (10:00-10:20). Water wheel (10:21-10:26). Young boys fishing (10:28-10:37). Corn bread coming out of the oven (10:41-10:49).

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