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Passport to Fashion is a short film from 1967 released on 16mm. It is held in the Prelinger Archives collection.

Passport to Fashion A Ship 'n Shore Educational Feature discusses culture of Iceland and Denmark with a focus on clothing

Passport to Fashion
Produced byJacoby/Storm Production
Jacoby/Storm Production
Distributed byJacoby/Storm Production
Release date
Running time
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More Details

A young girl named Linda narrates her experience of traveling to Denmark from her preparations at The School for International Training in Vermont to her airplane trip, which stops in Reykjavik, Iceland to her ultimate arrival in Denmark and her experiences with her host family.

Also includes some narration from a male narrator that discusses history and culture of Iceland and Denmark.

There is a focus on clothing. Shows the production of a mass-produced blouse. Does not explicitly advertise a clothing company, though a Ship'n Shore box is visible around 13:19.

Reel length
ca. 600 feet


Frank Jacoby
Doris Storm
Henrik Heger

Directed and Edited by Frank Jacoby. Written by Doris Storm. Linda played by Debbie Paine. Associate Producer - Richard L. Freundlich, Cinematographer - Henrik Heger, Production Coordinator - Suzanne Marsh, Fashion Coordinator - Barbara Trent, Transportation - Icelandic Airlines.

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